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5 Reasons to network as a paralegal (fifth one will surprise you)

Whether you are in pursuit of a training contract or a more senior paralegal role, networking is crucial in building industry connections as well making yourself known to your industry peers. Here are 5 reasons to network as a paralegal.

Keeping ahead of the curve

The legal profession and the industry itself are changing rapidly, so naturally whether you are already in the industry or looking to break into it, keeping up to date with the latest developments is crucial. Sure, the internet and networking platforms such as LinkedIn are alternative ways to keep up with the latest trends but there is no better source than hearing it from industry insiders.

Invaluable career advice

It may not be immediately apparent but often employers attending networking events are there to share invaluable recruitment tips and the promote the firm with the view to attract top talent. The tips and the inside information you are likely to get at this networking events will not be found elsewhere. As a paralegal you are presented with opportunities for network with relevant industry experts so use to your advantage to further your career.

Lay the initial ground work

Networking events are a great way to lay the initial ground work before you embark on applying for jobs. You will be able to get your name out there and make yourself known to recruitment managers but crucially you can determine whether you have the qualities and the skill set these firms are seeking. If you ask the right questions you are very likely to glean information that will prove to be crucial to your future job search and applications.

Narrow down law firms list

As a legal recruiter I am aware that some firms place higher emphasis on paralegal work before training contract than others and it does not help that this information is usually not found in public domain. However, these networking events are a perfect platform to really identify those firms favouring paralegal work. Such small details sometime can be quite crucial when it comes to training contract applications.

Learn from your peers

Beside meeting recruitment managers and industry experts you must not underestimate the opportunity to meet your fellow paralegals and see what they are doing to progress their careers. It goes without saying that you should approach this in the right way, so you do not to come across as if you are on information gathering mission. Nonetheless the information you can glean can help you in many ways and even help you stay competitive in your field.

By Serg Sakarov
Legal recruiter & CEO @ PureLegalJobs

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