Interview experiences for vacation schemes and training contracts. Law firms are sorted alphabetically.

K&L Gates Interview

Scarlett Travers, a future trainee at K&L Gates:

I would say when faced with problem scenarios to go in being very practical about them; a lot of commercial acumen and less legal.

On a more personal level they are all genuinely really down to earth and admire each persons individual personality (that was my experience there) so tell him/her to just be themselves and not try too hard to fit in.

Oh and sense of humour!!

Regarding my interview, it was extremely relaxed. Very much a casual conversation. There was nothing in there to catch you out. I would advise to prepare a news article with the pros and cons of it and also recommend not to select one overly complicated since they will be using it mostly to debate about.

Madeleine Williams, future trainee at K&L Gates:

I personally didn’t do a vacation scheme at K&L Gates, only informal Work Experience before applying to the firm for a training contract. The process was similar to what is found in most firms – reasoning tests and commercial awareness exercises followed by interviews. The only advice I can give is unfortunately quite generic – show your personality and make sure to be up to date on current affairs and commercial news. The firm has a relatively small intake of trainees so it may be useful to identify exactly why the candidate is interested in being part of a small intake.