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  1. Manifesting
    Hi fellow applicant! We're here because we are diligent, passionate, smart, and capable. Let’s remind each other to not loose sight of that.
  2. Sagal Mohamed
    Sagal Mohamed
    LSE Law student currying applying for Vacation Schemes
  3. Sagal Mohamed
    Sagal Mohamed
    Law student currently applying for VAC schemes.
  4. Tomas Levy
    Tomas Levy
    CMS Brand Ambassador
  5. AnnieTam
    Full-time trying my best; part-time hustling. Feel free to contact me with regards to anything negotiation competitions :D
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  6. rottkong
    Future trainee of a city firm in HK Aspire to work in Europe
  7. T102093
    T102093 ml385
    Hi Lucy, congrats on your TC offer! I have an upcoming interview on Friday with Withers and was wondering if you could give me an idea of what to expect as it is over Zoom?
  8. Elaine
    Future Trainee Solicitor
  9. Elaine
    Future Trainee Solicitor
  10. Ifmhouse4
    Future Trainee Trowers & Hamlins
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    2. LuNo
      Aug 3, 2020
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  11. Hawwa
    Hawwa ml385
    Hi Lucy, congratulations on your TC offer with Withers! do you mind me asking whether it’s from this cycle and whether you completed a vacation scheme?
    1. ml385
      Thanks Hawwa! It's from this cycle and I didn't complete a vac scheme, I just applied directly for a TC :)
      Aug 1, 2020
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    2. Hawwa
      Thanks for your response. do you mind me asking when you applied? Not sure whether they are still offering ACs.
      Aug 1, 2020
  12. ml385
    Future Trainee at Withers LLP
  13. Aela_Nox
    Future Trainee at Napthens LLP
  14. Karan K
    Karan K
    Future Trainee at Reed Smith
  15. Stefan Douglas-Caric
    Stefan Douglas-Caric
    Actively looking for a training contract whilst completing my LPC and LLM. Have achieved a 2:1 in Law
  16. Katie O'Brien
    Katie O'Brien Jessica Booker
    Hi Jess, do you have any advice for virtual assessment centres?
    1. Jessica Booker
      Jessica Booker
      What exercises are you going to have?
      Jul 16, 2020
  17. SandraB
    SandraB Asmee
    Hi Asmee, how are you?
    I saw in one of your posts that your partner is currently completing a VS at Pinsent Masons.
    Can I ask whether you know how to prepare for their psychometric test?
    Thanks, Sandra
  18. Martin S.
    Martin S. Sager1
    Did you have an insight day at Hill Dickinson already?
  19. Saheena Dhanda
    Saheena Dhanda
    First Year M-Law Student & Aspiring Solicitor
  20. Soundarya Ravi
    Soundarya Ravi
    Nervous about making successful winter vacation scheme applications in the 2020/21 cycle.
    1. NMD
      You’ve got this !! Just keeping asking questions on here, I’ve found that it’s SO helpful!
      Jun 14, 2020