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    Macfarlanes Vacation Scheme Application Form

    Sorry I don't have much to add other than the Macfarlanes app is SO Long. I'm genuinely unsure whether to apply or not because the questions are long/difficult!
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    Commercial awareness resources: collated list of pros and cons

    Ahh what a fantastic list of legal podcasts. Thank you! Any favourites?
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    In need for video interview advice!

    Wow what a great idea!
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    Feeling such a wreck

    I know that feeling. It takes a while to get your bearings but in the long term I always think the people (like you) who prepare will be on top. So I wouldn't feel bad about today, I think that's normal. What were you finding hard in the class? PS: I hate public law.
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    Why not Investment Banker or a Business Consultant?

    I posted this before, not sure if it helps!
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    Application Question

    Tell me about it! I agree on this. But maybe it's worth changing a couple of things, just so it's not literally a copy and paste? I doubt they'd check but just in case.
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    application feedback

    Go you guys!
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    Want to request a law firm insight?

    Space engineer!? You have by far the most interesting background I've seen coming into law!
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    I’ve been offered a TC!

    Inspiring to read, congratulations!!
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    Does it say a family reference doesn’t count? I would think it’s still employment even if it is a family business.
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    Why commercial law? (For non-law students specifically)

    On one of my vacation schemes, there was a student who had studied neuroscience and was now pursuing law. It was such as good talking point for her - HR/the lawyers/partners all seemed interested in her background. She ended up securing the training contract, and I think her background stood her...
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    Why commercial law? (For non-law students specifically)

    I have been doing some reading and I think I'm starting to understand both roles in an M&A deal: Bankers handle the financial modelling/number crunching side of things and the valuation. They also advise on strategic opportunities for their client (along with consultants) Lawyers can also...
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    Why commercial law? (For non-law students specifically)

    I do feel like I have a tougher time justifying my interest in commercial law. I also feel at interviews, law firms really test our justifications for being a lawyer because the link is less direct. I studied history, so I usually use elements of that in my answer. So I guess as a starting...
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    TC application or Vac scheme?

    I'm working, so this has been a problem for me too. Especially because I'm working in a different field at the moment - I've found that law firms really push back on my motivation for being a commercial lawyer. I doubt I'd have that problem if I was applying for vacation schemes, but I can't...
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    App question

    I think you're all good :)Best to answer with something you know about in case they follow up at interview. PS: that's a very hard application form question!
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    Legal Cheek's Future of Legal Education and Training Conference

    Thank you for putting the effort into writing that up, the Legal Cheek conference looked really good!
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    Commercial Awareness - May 2018

    Hey - just came across this, Linklaters is the first MC firm to get Chinese law capability - https://www.thelawyer.com/linklaters-strengthen-chinese-practice-with-tie-up/. Nicely fits in with your comments about China opening up :)
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    Law Tech training contract

    Someone did a pretty good post on that here: https://www.thecorporatelawacademy.com/forum/index.php?threads/lawtech-is-coming.31/
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    Law Tech training contract

    Hi peeps, This is a bit late has anyone seen Allen & Overy's new legal tech training contract? http://www.allenovery.com/news/en-gb/articles/Pages/New-legaltech-and-project-management-graduate-scheme-launched-by-Allen--Overy-in-London.aspx. I thought that was pretty cool, looks like they'll be...

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