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  1. jess889

    Assessment Centre Tips

    Thanks I'll think I'll buy it!
  2. jess889

    Assessment Centre Tips

    This face is also relevant:eek:!
  3. jess889

    Assessment Centre Tips

    Thank you!
  4. jess889

    Assessment Centre Tips

    I only have his All you Need to Know about the City book. Would you recommend the Commercial Awareness book too? None so far (sadly :() for this round! I've decided to focus on Spring/Summer vacation scheme applications now, hopefully with a bit more luck!
  5. jess889

    Assessment Centre Tips

    Reading up on the commercial stories for me because I struggle with that the most. I also try to go through technical commercial stuff on investopedia although I can easily get quite lost in there. My preparation usually involves creating a large document with a list of possible interview...
  6. jess889

    Hearing Back from Firms + AC & Interview Tips Share - 2018 - 2019

    Love this thread idea! It would be great to hear when everyone hears back so maybe we can keep track of which firms are responding when?
  7. jess889

    Strange application questions...

    I had this question at my Jones Day interview! I was quite flustered and came out with a terrible answer, so I've since prepared something better about personal development, helping others, reaching a goal etc.
  8. jess889

    Macfarlanes Vacation Scheme Application Form

    That was helpful thank you! I was going to ask about the non academic interests but I see what you mean it's just another way of referring to extra curricular activities. That second part of question 3 I'm also unsure on so if anyone has any thoughts I'd be keen to hear that too!
  9. jess889

    Feeling such a wreck

    I'm sorry to hear that. Hang in there!!
  10. jess889

    Dress code

    Grey also works! I think black suits on guys is more funeral type attire :P
  11. jess889

    Dress code

    Agreed. On guys I think a shirt and trousers/chinos also technically counts as smart casual. You could probably past with it for these types of events, but it's not really ideal. Isn't there also such a thing as business casual?
  12. jess889

    Application Question

    I think it's fine if you feel you went into enough depth in your open day application for those two reasons. Nothing has changed since the open day to warrant you changing them. (Unless you're like me and think your applications are terrible whenever you review them ::p)
  13. jess889

    Commercial Awareness Update - September 2018

    Talking about commenting more:
  14. jess889

    application feedback

    Happy to also take a look!
  15. jess889

    Commercial Awareness Update - August 2018

    This is great! I came across this infographic recently which is quite relevant!
  16. jess889

    Paralegal jobs - are they worth it?

    Yep I think so too! I could concentrate on writing good applications and send many more off if I didn't have to do it after work or on weekends. One thing I'm worried about is being asked in an interview what I've been doing if I'm not workng. Do you have any idea of how you would phrase an answer?
  17. jess889

    Paralegal jobs - are they worth it?

    Thank you for sharing! I'm thinking of doing something similar (stopping work to focus on applications), so that is interesting to hear!
  18. jess889

    Linklaters Winter Vacation Scheme

    I think that's fair enough! Are you applying for vacation schemes too?
  19. jess889

    Linklaters Winter Vacation Scheme

    Hahahahhahaha no way. It has been my on off job for a while now. And I'm with you there!! I NEED a TC soon.

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