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    2020-21 Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion

    Just got rejected from the Ashurst summer vac scheme post AC. Hurts a ton, especially because I thought I performed quite strongly. I guess the other candidates were all exceptional, which means I need to up my game for next time. Grateful for the experience though, it was my first ever AC so I...
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    What do after uni?

    Hi everyone, I am graduating this July and I think it is most likely that I won't receive any Vac Scheme/Training Contract offers this recruitment cycle unfortunately, so I will probably take a year out from September to build up more experience and strengthen my applications for the following...
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    Clyde & Co Vacation Scheme Application

    How can I relate a random commercial topic back to the firm without the answer being too disjointed? I was thinking about maybe talking about the departments in the firm that would be involved in the topic - is that along the right lines?
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    Clyde & Co Vacation Scheme Application

    Hey guys, I'm struggling with one of the Clyde & Co vac scheme application questions: Write about a story in the business press that has interested you and how it is relevant to the Firm. (250 words max) For this, are they expecting us to write about a recent deal/project that Clyde and Co has...
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    How to stay motivated when you keep getting rejected

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your feedback. I'm staying more positive now and I'm sorry if it seemed like I was ungrateful for my experiences, I know I've got some things on my resume that I should be proud of! Here's to grinding through and staying positive, whatever the results of...
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    How to stay motivated when you keep getting rejected

    Hi everyone, I don't meant to bring everyone down with me but recently I've been feeling pretty hopeless :( I've applied to well over 20-30 vac schemes over the last year, and I keep facing rejection after rejection. I know it's simply a part of the process and everyone goes through it, but I...

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