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    Tips for first in-person vac scheme

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a little insight. Last summer I had a virtual vac scheme and failed to convert. I've got a vac scheme with the same firm this year but I think the scheme is going ahead in person - do you have any tips for someone who's never done an in-person vac scheme and how to adapt...
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    How can I improve myself as a TC candidate in the time before a vac scheme?

    Any tips for maximising the time I have between now and a vac scheme in June? I would love to find work experience as a paralegal, but because of covid, feel limited in my options. How can I best show the firm that I've grown in this time? edit: I failed to convert a vac scheme to a TC last...
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    When a firm asks what your biggest failure is

    Hi guys, I would love your opinion. I got through to an internship last year, but unfortunately didn't get the TC offer at the end - I completly botched the final interview. I now have an AC this year for the same firm in the hopes I can get the internship again. Does anyone have any tips on...