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    Misspelled the surname of an employee for an application- is this an automatic rejection?

    Hello, I've just sent off an application and as the title suggests, I made an embarrassing error. For one of the application questions in the second sentence, I misspelled the surname of an employee I referred to. Do you think this will be detrimental to my application?
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    Linklaters' Watson Glaser-Timed or Untimed?

    Hello, I was wondering if Linklaters' Watson Glaser is usually timed and if you pass this stage, is the next stage the Assessment Centre or further application questions?
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    Slaughter and May Vacation Scheme Cover Letter

    Hi, Does anyone have any tips for writing a good Slaughter and May Cover Letter?
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    White & Case Application Form

    Hi, I was wondering how many work experiences should I put in for the White & Case application form and if 3 or 4 sentences will be enough for this section? They also have a question Please use the space below to provide details of any careers events you have attended e.g. insight days...
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    Clifford Chance Work Experience Section

    Hi, For anyone who applied to Clifford Chance or is planning to, would you recommend writing in prose to discuss what you learnt during your work experience and do we need to link these skills to Clifford Chance? Or is it better to write in bullet points and have around 3 or 4 points for each...
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    Applying for Vac Schemes at Magic Circle/Silver Circle with low 2.1

    Hello, I wanted to ask if you can still apply to these firms e.g. Slaughter and May, Clifford Chance, Travers Smith if you received a low 2.1 in all modules and go to a Russell Group uni? Does the low 2.1 mean you are less likely to be successful at the application stage?
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    Magic Circle, Silver Circle or US firms, which is better?

    Hi, Just wondering which of these firms are better in terms of work-life balance, quality of clients and work. Does a Magic Circle or US international law firm tend to have more renowned clients and does that make them 'better' compared to their Silver Circle counterparts?