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  1. Nicole

    CV Length

    I'm not sure why your careers adviser is saying that! For law two pages is completely acceptable.
  2. Nicole

    Morning or evening person?

    You could try that at interview haha US firm: "Why are you applying to our firm?" Me: "I'm used to being sleepless!"
  3. Nicole

    Prep for an open day?

    Usually you'll get presentations, a tour of the firm and the opportunity to join group exercises. Probably a little scary at first but completely fine after that. It's a great opportunity to get to know a firm.
  4. Nicole

    Norton Rose Fulbright - Other Information

    I always find it strange when law firms do this! I agree though - try to put in information that you have not covered in the rest of your app. You could even tie this in with what skills you'd bring to Norton Rose Fulbright.
  5. Nicole

    Winter Vacation Scheme 2018 Thread

    Oh my, there's me thinking four was bad!!
  6. Nicole

    Winter Vacation Scheme 2018 Thread

    Does anyone have a favourite/worst application? I'm currently reading Bird & Bird's application and I think they have the best questions I've come across so far.
  7. Nicole

    Vacation Scheme Application Advice - Enter your competition responses here!

    Congratulations to the following students for winning TCLA Premium: @Hazal Kirci, @Chido, @Daniel Boden and JA (sorry I can't tag you JA as the username is too short so I have quoted your post instead!). Thank you so much for taking the time to share your advice in this thread. You are very kind...
  8. Nicole

    Macfarlanes Vacation Scheme Application Form

    Great post Daniel! I've had a question like the second part of 3 before. You can say you want to be a partner (although I think a lot of people will say that). I find it helps to think outside the box a little here. What matters to you in your career? Do you want to be intellectually...
  9. Nicole

    Welcome! Introduce yourself here :)

    I know what you mean by the ups and downs! Don't worry, we are here to help :)
  10. Nicole

    Vacation Scheme Application Advice

    Amazing Maddie, thank you for sharing! I think this was also supposed to be here:
  11. Nicole

    Commercial awareness resources: collated list of pros and cons

    I'd also recommend the Economist podcast. You get to listen to a lot of the big stories without having to buy a subscription!
  12. Nicole

    Vacation Scheme Application Advice - Enter your competition responses here!

    Great one Chido! Thank you for our first submission :)
  13. Nicole

    Vacation Scheme Application Advice - Enter your competition responses here!

    Competition entrants: please post your answer to the question: "What is your best piece of advice for students about writing a successful vacation scheme or training contract application?" as a reply to this thread. You can read more information here...
  14. Nicole

    Free TCLA Premium Competition!

    Free TCLA Premium Competition Hi! To celebrate passing 650 forum members and the launch of TCLA Premium, we are giving away five one-month subscriptions to TCLA Premium. What do I have to do to win? Please answer the following question: "What is your best piece of advice for writing a...
  15. Nicole

    Watson Glaser Test Tips

    I had heard this too, although Sandrou may be right that it's more for the other tests. I was under the impression that firms factor in your time when ranking your percentile. I think a lot of people don't finish.
  16. Nicole

    Winter Vacation Scheme 2018 Thread

    What firms are people applying/thinking of applying to? It might be nice to keep everyone motivated to do apps :)
  17. Nicole

    Vacation Scheme 2018-19

    I can't believe the cycle begins already :eek: Good luck everyone!
  18. Nicole

    Herbert Smith Freehills Online Assessment?

    I genuinely don't think my brain thinks in the right way for the shape tests. Verbals - I get it OK, but I was just so slow in those logical tests.
  19. Nicole

    Useful resources

    I thought this anatomy of a deal might be helpful: It covers some of the things that come up in an M&A interview :)