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  1. James Carrabino

    Law Firm Application Deadlines 2022-2023

    Hi everyone! As law firms continue to announce their deadlines for the upcoming cycle, the list below will be updated :) I have separated out the application deadlines for first-year, winter, spring and summer vacation schemes as well as for direct training contract applications. This may be...
  2. James Carrabino

    Rolling/Non-Rolling 2022-2023

    Hi everyone! I have compiled a list (this is still a work in progress as many firms are yet to update their recruitment pages for the new cycle) of firms by whether they are recruiting on a rolling basis or not for the upcoming application cycle. You should look at this in conjunction with my...
  3. James Carrabino

    Where firms recruit from (Vacation Scheme vs Direct TC applications) 2022-2023

    Hi everyone! I hope that this can be useful in planning out where you will apply for vacation schemes and where you will apply directly for training contracts. You can decide when to apply to each firm by looking at my compilation of law firm deadlines as well as my thread about which firms...
  4. James Carrabino

    How to Change Your Username

    Hi everyone!! This post seeks to provide a very quick explanation of how to change your TCLA username :) Whether you are having second thoughts about using your real name on the forum, or are considering joining the new Junior Lawyers' Community and do not want anyone to be able to link your...
  5. James Carrabino

    James's Weekly Interview Insights

    Hi everyone! I have created a weekly thread about my personal experiences with different components of the interview process but I will start by giving a bit of background about myself and my journey. After growing up in London, I attended university in the United States for my undergraduate...
  6. James Carrabino

    Starred Thread Awards (opportunity to win a free month of TCLA Premium!)

    Hi all, We are introducing a new opportunity to win one of TCLA's coveted 'Forum Winner' awards this month 😀 @George Maxwell, @AvniD, @Jessica Booker and I work hard to address all of the queries that arise throughout the forum, especially on threads which seek expertise on certain issues! We...
  7. James Carrabino

    Weekly Application Pitfalls

    Hi everyone! In addition to my role as a community manager helping to address the queries of our lovely community members on the forum, I have also worked as part of TCLA's application review team to offer feedback on many of the applications that our members send in for review. As December...
  8. James Carrabino

    Let's hear about TCLA members' hobbies!

    Hi everyone! With the start of the new month, I wanted to open up a community discussion in which you can all talk about your interests, achievements, passions, leisure activities, hobbies, or anything at all...except for law firm applications! I know that our wonderful community of aspiring...
  9. James Carrabino

    Ask TCLA's New Community Managers Anything!

    Good afternoon everyone, I am very excited to introduce myself as one of your new Community Managers, along with @AvniD and @George Maxwell - it is an honour to be in this role! I will also be providing reviews of your applications as part of TCLA's application review service for premium...

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