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  1. yanerlim

    New Twitter Account

    Hi all! TCLA finally created a new Twitter profile, the username is @OfficialTCLA . If you enjoy our little community, please show your support and give us a follow and retweet our content! This can help to promote the platform, increase our reach and have more crowd-sourced guidance and...
  2. yanerlim

    Main Challenges Facing Commercial Law Firms Today?

    Hello everyone, in prepping for interviews and ACs, I have decided this is one of the trickier questions I have come across. Reason being, this is such a general question and it is so easy to slip up and talk about something cliche (BRExit) but how is it NOT possible to talk about Brexit??? It's...
  3. yanerlim

    Smart Contracts - a 2 minute read

    I have been reading up lately on smart contracts and found it interesting. So I would like to share a few things here on what I have learnt! what are smart contracts?: Smart contracts are a blockchain-based technology which executes and self-perform through coded instructions based on the...
  4. yanerlim

    Which Law firms do not recruit heavily from Vac Schemes?

    As winter vacation scheme applications are coming to an end, I was wondering if anyone is thinking of applying straight for a TC? If so, information on whether firms recruit heavily from vacation schemes are important to understand the likelihood to be accepted for a TC. Awhile ago, I was...
  5. yanerlim

    Hearing Back from Firms + AC & Interview Tips Share - 2018 - 2019

    As interviewing and AC season is coming upon us, I wanted to start a thread for us to share whether we have heard back about any successful applications, as well as provide each other support and tips for upcoming interviews and ACs! So far I have only heard back from rejections and waiting for...
  6. yanerlim

    Why does a career in a city law firm interest you?

    I recently stumbled upon this question from a Sidley Austin application. "Why does a career in a city law firm interest you?" I know it is a straight forward question, but it as almost too straight forward, I was at a loss for words. A few things I can think of are a wide breadth of legal work...
  7. yanerlim

    How are your personal values aligned to those of X firm, and how will this support you?

    Hi everyone, this was a unique question I came across when I was completing a Burges Salmon application 2 years ago. I was wondering if anyone has a tip on how to answer questions like these? what structure is best to cover everything I need for this question? Please leave your thoughts below...
  8. yanerlim

    Pros and Cons of a Sector-based Approach

    More and more firms are heading towards a sector-based strategy. When I was in an Osborne Clarke interview, this was something they particularly emphasised. I have observed that this is also something Burges Salmon is beginning to display in their strategy. So I think it would be helpful to...
  9. yanerlim


    Here's some background, I graduated from Cardiff Uni with a low 2:1, my module marks have a mixture of 2:2 and 2:1, and went on to do my LLM in UoB. My A-Levels were pretty mediocre with an ABBB (doing four subjects actually saved me from a few applications because firms often want AAB) However...
  10. yanerlim

    Why Law?

    This is an honest question, I want to know what led you to this path and why you want to pursue law. I often find it interesting to hear people from different paths (especially GDL students) and interests that have ended up in the same destination as I am. I have met several people with crazy...
  11. yanerlim

    Vacation Scheme Application Advice - Enter your competition responses here!

    Per @Jaysen 's request, I have decided to start a thread on offering advice to all prospective vac schemers on how to write a strong application. This is my approach to writing a strong application. There are several different categorisations of questions in these applications, and I will write...
  12. yanerlim

    Herbert Smith Freehills Online Assessment?

    Hi, has anyone done a HSF online assessment? Where should I go to practise this?
  13. yanerlim

    Resources to Practise the Watson Glaser Test

    I took the time out to collate some resources to ace in the WG Test, feel free to share any more free and accessible resources below! Practise questions: https://www.wikijob.co.uk/aptitude-test/watson-glaser https://www.assessmentday.co.uk/watson-glaser-critical-thinking.htm...
  14. yanerlim

    Watson Glaser Test Tips

    Hello everyone, I am recently starting to prepare for my WG Test after submitting a few applications. I have come to discover a few things about the test. Here's a bit of background for the test: - It consists of (i)Arguments Section (ii)Assumptions Section (iii)Deductions Section (iv)...
  15. yanerlim

    Law Firms' Mergers

    There are many different kinds of firm mergers/relationships we see lately. Just to name a few, there's the "best friends network" strategy, the fully financial integration, Swiss Vereins etc... I was wondering what are the differences and nuances of these mergers (eg: challenges or benefits)...
  16. yanerlim

    List of non-Visa Sponsor Firms

    Hello, being an international student myself, I often find problems with law firms which sponsor visas, especially after completing the application. For the sake of convenience, a list of firms that DONT sponsor Tier 2 visas should be listed. Here are a few: 1. Kennedy's 2. Bristows (However...
  17. yanerlim

    Assessment Centre Tips

    Hello, I have gone to a few assessment centres but never got offered a training contract. Every time I receive feedback, it's because "my answers are not in-depth enough". Was wondering if anyone can share your assessment centre experiences and concrete tips on writing tests and presentation...

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