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  1. Maria d'Orey

    Practise your commercial awareness for your next interview using PESTLE & SWOT.

    Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I am a Product Lead at TCLA and future trainee. ☺️ With assessment centre season well underway and many of you wanting to start preparing for your training contract applications, @NatashaS98 , @Orla , @Erin and I have been thinking of ways to provide you with...
  2. Maria d'Orey

    What to do if I don't get any vacation schemes?

    Hi @ginevrafanshawe ! Thanks for sharing this with us! I would first like to start by saying that I understand how frustrating the process of applying to schemes can be. It is daunting to go into the process knowing that you will still need to compete for a TC after the actual VS and that so...
  3. Maria d'Orey

    Secondary school grades for international/overseas students

    Hi @raccoon ! I also studied abroad before coming to the UK for university, so I thought I would share my thoughts on this. I personally had to include 2 years worth of grades for about 10 classes in every application form (since my qualification was nothing like A-levels) and I must say that...
  4. Maria d'Orey

    a confused law student's TC journey :)

    Hi @confusedlawstudent ! I'm really not sure as to how TW's assessment is, so I cannot say with 100% certainty. However, if they do not give you any recommendations (e.g. via email when you received the invitation to complete the test), I would say a laptop as I imagine that it is easier to...
  5. Maria d'Orey

    a confused law student's TC journey :)

    Hi @confusedlawstudent , Congratulations on your Bristows IP workshop offer and for passing through to the next stage of TW's application process! So happy to see that your hard work has been paying off! ⭐ I thought that it might be helpful to flag that "Games Based Assessments" are, in...
  6. Maria d'Orey

    Ask 3 TCLA Application Reviewers Anything!

    Hi @time2work ! Thanks for your message, of course I can! 😄 I found the interview to be very different from the vac scheme interview. The partners barely asked me about my written application (as expected) - they only used them to start the interview (e.g. asked about my background as an...
  7. Maria d'Orey

    NQ positions, recruiters applying 2022

    Great - hope you find it helpful @FM302989 ! :) And no problem at all with your username! 🤣
  8. Maria d'Orey

    NQ positions, recruiters applying 2022

    Hi @FM302989 ! Just a note that emails about recent requests to the JLC forum should have now been sent off! ☺️
  9. Maria d'Orey

    NQ positions, recruiters applying 2022

    Hi @FM302989 ! Thanks for your query! We'll be sending an email in regards to your request by 5pm today. Make sure to keep an eye out for it! 😄
  10. Maria d'Orey

    Jack's Training Contract Journey

    Hi @JackPorter76 , That's a great update - thanks for sharing some useful podcasts with the forum, I'm sure it will be helpful for other members! 👏 I look forward to reading your next update! Best of luck!
  11. Maria d'Orey

    Ashour's Journey to a TC

    Hi @Mohamed Ashour ! Your updates are really inspiring! I really like how you included deadlines for each one of your tasks - it's amazing to see how much application work you can get done in one day. Best of luck in your Taylor Wessing submission! 🌟
  12. Maria d'Orey

    Ask 3 TCLA Application Reviewers Anything!

    Hi @confusedlawstudent , I know I'm a bit late but just wanted to say that I completely agree with @AvniD here! If they were only looking for mitigating circumstances or any sort of specific information they would have mentioned this in the question. If you consider this to be relevant and...
  13. Maria d'Orey

    My Training Contract Journey

    Hi @j.s.cox - what an amazing update! For someone who had never done it before, your Watson Glaser score is impressive - very well done. I also really like your reflection on why you thought the NRF interview was hard - I definitely agree that interviews that feel more like conversations than...
  14. Maria d'Orey

    Seeking career advice - lost hope for TC

    Hi @C.A. , Thank you so much for sharing this - I'm sure it will motivate a lot of people to keep going! Your background is so interesting and your passion is really admirable. Congratulations on all of these achievements (particularly your positive mindset and resilience!) - and welcome to...
  15. Maria d'Orey

    My Training Contract Journey

    This sounds really great @j.s.cox - well done on putting this together, I'm sure it will be helpful! Yes! Completely agree that speaking to people at the firm is important - your question is also really straightforward, great job 😂 Best of luck with your applications - I'm sure you'll do great!
  16. Maria d'Orey

    My Training Contract Journey

    Thanks for introducing yourself @j.s.cox ! This seems like an excellent approach and I fully agree with your last point - dedicating your time only to firms you genuinely want to work for is a game changer and makes writing an application so much easier! 👏 I'd be interested in hearing if you...
  17. Maria d'Orey

    Seeking career advice - lost hope for TC

    Hi @aspirationforlaw , Please don't apologise for your post - you're not "oversharing", this is what we're all here for! 😊 As @Carli K brilliantly put it, the transferrable skills that you would be bringing from your accounting qualification are unique and will certainly give you an insight...
  18. Maria d'Orey

    Seeking career advice - lost hope for TC

    Hi @aspirationforlaw ! Thank you so much for sharing your story and how you're feeling with us - I appreciate that this can be difficult. I'll start by noting how incredibly amazed I am by your background. As an international student myself, I completely understand how difficult it can be to...
  19. Maria d'Orey

    TCLA Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23

    This is an amazing achievement @bibss !! Congratulations and best of luck! 😁
  20. Maria d'Orey

    Start Here: My Training Contract Journey 2022-23

    Hi @Beni1995 ! Thanks for introducing yourself to the forum and for sharing your goals with us! I think that it is an amazing idea to include developing your commercial awareness into your monthly plans! It will definitely save you time and make you feel more comfortable once assessment...

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