1. Jessica Booker

    TCLA Direct Training Contract Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23

    Hi everyone, With a new recruitment cycle starting in the next few weeks, we thought it best to start a new master thread to discuss direct training contract applications for the 2022-2023 application cycle. Useful Links TCLA Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23 | The...
  2. Jessica Booker

    Vacation scheme deadlines - 2021

    The forum team thought it would be useful for us to provide a list of upcoming application deadlines for vacation scheme. So here it is... Let me know if there are an errors or changed dates, as this is going by what firms have previously published/marketed. Firms may decide to change their...
  3. C

    Waiting to apply with results...?

    So I'm very aware of the looming July 31st deadline for many TC applications! In regards to rolling applications: my GDL grades are released on July 13th, should I wait to apply with them or is it better to get my applications in ASAP? I've got strong academics for A level and undergrad, but...
  4. Hazal

    Rolling Basis Recruitment Realities

    I just wanted to find out the likelihood of places filling up on vac schemes at certain firms. Earlier I saw mentioned that Jones Day's Winter vac scheme fills up by mid-October. I've also experienced Shearman & Sterling fill up their training contracts (and therefore stopped recruiting for...

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