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Discussion in 'Applications Discussion' started by Zain97, May 13, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    I hope you're all well!

    Just by way of background, I graduated my Law degree last year, however, have been applying for VS's and TC's since my second year of university. This cycle, I really tried my best and I so far have sent out two applications, one of which where I was invited to interview (my first ever).

    The biggest issue I have is writing applications. I feel like I just don't write well enough.

    I was wondering whether anyone had any resources on application writing or any exemplars or other examples that I and perhaps others could use? It'd be great to see how people structure and write their answers!


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    Agreed with Dan. You can definitely improve your writing by learning what makes for good writing (which @Hazal helps to break down in her threads) and with lots of practice.

    Most of our mock applications are within the TCLA Premium forum, but we do have this thread: https://www.thecorporatelawacademy....-cover-letters-or-online-forms.497/#post-2063

    You may also find the following threads helpful:
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