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  • Feb 17, 2018
    When was your Ashfords interview?

    June 2017

    What was it for?

    Vacation scheme

    Please describe the interview process at Ashfords.

    The assessment day took place in Bristol and consisted of four main parts: a group exercise followed by an interview with HR and then a partner. The group exercise was straightforward and was on commercial awareness. We had to work together to solve tasks. Then, we were interviewed by HR and then a partner. HR asked me to talk about an outstanding personal achievement which added value to my academic or working environment. They also wanted me to talk about challenges I faced and how I overcame them. Then I was asked about a time when I successfully demonstrated commercial awareness and the challenges I faced. I was also asked to talk about my non-academic activities and interests including any positions of responsibility.

    The interview with the partner started off with me talking about myself. It was pretty relaxed. The partner then asked why I wanted to work in their firm and where I see myself in the near future. Given that Ashfords is a regional firm and the have a culture that is different from that of London firms, they want to know if you are the right fit.

    What advice would you give to future applicants for the Ashfords interview?

    Ask yourself if you really are a good fit for a regional firm. This is important, as the partner will ask you about this. Given their experience interviewing candidates all the time, they will know if you are the right fit or not by the answer that you give. During the group exercise, be polite and listen. Do not interrupt. Be proactive and give your input, but also try to involve others. For instance, one of the candidates in my group did not talk much, so I actively asked her questions in order to involve her more. This showed leadership skills and ability to work in a team. Overall, the firm is very friendly. Read up on the firm and the different sectors, understand the firm's clients, study your own CV and be realistic with respect to whether you will be a good fit at the firm or not.

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