BCLP Brand Ambassador Video Interview 2019

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    Before the interview, they would ask you to prepare in advance, three suggestions or event ideas to promote the brand of BCLP on your campus and also to prepare a two to three-minute elevator pitch, as if you were to give one to a student at a law fair, based on your knowledge about the firm. Think about events beyond the regular networking and canapes, e.g. networking events combined with a social aspect. You may refer to events held by previous brand ambassadors, e.g. ping pong networking event.

    For the pitch, make sure to do your research and understand the culture of the firm inside-out. One thing that BCLP is famous for is their work on real estate and some of the deals they have worked on involved buildings you can easily spot in the London skyline, e.g. the cheese grater building. I also included brief mentions of graduate opportunities in my pitch, e.g. the opportunity for first-year students to join their spring scheme.

    Aside from aforementioned, they also asked a couple of additional questions:
    • What do you think are key qualities a good brand ambassador should have?
    • What extracurricular activities have you been involved in during your interview?
    The whole interview lasted for about 30 minutes.
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