Bird & Bird Vacation Scheme Interview 2019


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Bird & Bird Vacation Scheme Interview 2019

    When was your Bird & Bird interview?

    January 2019

    What was it for?

    Vacation Scheme

    Please describe the interview process at Bird & Bird.

    The day was split up into three tasks: retake of the watson glaser, interview and group exercise.

    The watson glaser retake is self-explanatory.

    The interview was with one partner and one member of HR. It was very relaxed. They went through a list of set-questions and didn't depart from this. The questions focused on your motivations for applying to the firm, a couple of competencies, one question touched on your application form and there was a debate-style question. They also gave you the opportunity to add anything else that you didn't have the chance to talk about in the other questions. This lasted about 30 minutes.

    The group exercise was a 45-minute exercise. We were split into groups of four and were sat at a table with two assessors. We had 10 minutes to read the brief, 30 minutes to come up with an idea as a team and then 5 minutes to present. This task combined two main things- creativity and the ability to think about the wider implications of the law. I found this the most challenging aspect of the day.

    What advice would you give to future applicants for the Bird & Bird interview?

    The group task was by far the most challenging aspect of the day. It requires you to be creative and engaged the firm's emphasis on technology. I would recommend being up to date with any new/interesting technology advancements/companies and how the law is engaged with these.

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