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Jul 19, 2018
As mentioned above, many law firms publish their own updates on trends in their practice areas. I personally find the Herbert Smith Freehills blogs provide very comprehensive updates ( - they cover a good range of practice areas, including litigation, which is something they are quite well known for.


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Dec 9, 2020
Most of the law firms are actually publish a lot of articles related to the newest updates and "trends" as you said. However sometimes they do not post all the desired information regarding a certain subject. I do not have anything to do with the latest litigation trends actually, it is just kind of a personal interest for me, as I was actually dreaming about becoming a lawyer back in the day. So I am actualy reading a lot of thing related to this. In case you actually want to be aware of all these news, just click here and trust me you will get all the information you actually need.
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Jan 16, 2021
We may also discuss civil litigation. As this area is very broad, encompassing litigation for contractual and tortious wrongs and the burden of proof in civil cases is that of the balance of probabilities, further differentiating it from criminal litigation

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