LLM SQE1&2 or SQE prep courses?


New Member
May 2, 2024
Hi everyone!

I'm currently choosing from two options: — LLM SQE 1&2 or SQE 1&2 preparation courses:

Do you know what is the difference between them (apart from price, duration and additional module) for my employability? As far as I understand it, LLM is better for those who would like to access student loan funding, but I am not eligible for it and it's not relevant to me. Is there any difference in studying LLM SQE and SQE preparation courses? The second option (just preparation course) is cheaper, that's why I am interested in it.

I am a bachelor in law (overseas degree equivalent to LLB, non-common law), 2:1 diploma. I have work experience as a paralegal and even as a lawyer outside of the OK (1.5 years in total) in the area of logistics and insurance, but I don't have any training contract in the UK (and I don't think that I will secure it soon because I don't have any local experience).

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