New Webinar Friday 11 June, 6pm: Convert Your Next Vacation Scheme Into A Training Contract


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Vacation schemes can be overwhelming and daunting.

    How do you show a law firm that you are capable and motivated? What do you need to do to excel from day one? How do you deal with the doubt and self-talk?

    For the first time, we’re sharing our best advice on how to:
    • prepare to stand out
    • build a mindset to deal with feelings of ‘not being good enough’
    • perform exceptionally in conversion interviews; and
    • excel in team-based assessments and deliver work to a very high standard.

    The webinar is led by TCLA’s forum team, with experience in converting multiple vacation schemes, assessing vacation scheme candidates, and advising hundreds of aspiring lawyers through the TCLA forum.

    The goal is to leave you inspired and empowered to convert your next vacation scheme into a successful training contract offer.

    This session is completely free to all, however places are capped. A recorded version will be circulated to TCLA Premium members.