PhD to City Solicitor?

Discussion in 'Vacation Scheme Discussion' started by Louise Chapman, Sep 5, 2019.

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    Dear all,

    I am doubtful there will be many people who have been in my position. I am a funded Cambridge University PhD student (MSt from Oxford, First-Class degree from King's College London), going into my penultimate year. I have been researching law firms over the past year with an eye to leaving academia behind and making money in the city. I have a passion for life sciences in general, although my PhD is in Philosophy. I expect to graduate from my PhD in 2021, and am beginning to organise work experience in the legal sector alongside writing my thesis, as I am sure this is indispensable to finally securing a training contract.

    Given that I am going into the second year of my PhD, when should I think about applying for vacation schemes and/or training contracts? I am aware that the GDL route will no longer be available in 2021 when I graduate. I am nervous about the unknowns of the SQE, and how training contracts will work around those exams (without being accompanied by a formal course of study).

    I would be grateful for advice in my predicament. I already have an internship for summer 2020 at an educational charity in Monaco, so will not be able to do a summer vacation scheme. I wonder whether, with my current lack of legal work experience, it is worth my applying for vac schemes (for Winter 2019, Spring 2020)? Please, anybody, give this aspiring solicitor some advice.

    All the best!

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    You should apply as if you are a penultimate year non-law undergraduate. What you should apply to will depend on the eligibility for each programme with each firm.

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