Proof reading and drafting exercise for international firm? Help?!


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Sep 3, 2021
Hi everyone,

It's my first year applying, and the firm I've gotten through to the assessment process with - so no prior experience to go on here.

The first two assessments involve one proofreading exercise (which takes 30 minutes, timed), and one drafting exercise (one hour, timed).

I have never done any paralegal work before, so I am quite daunted as to what to expect. What exactly does proof reading a legal document involve? Just spelling errors and ambiguity? Or big omissions, such as a key legal issue which isn't included? I worry that the latter will be a problem if the document involves an area of law I know nothing about, as I've never studied it (e.g. M&A, company law...). There's only so much research you can do in 30 minutes!

If anyone has completed a similar exercise at an MC/international firm - any thoughts?

Thank you in advance


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Sep 4, 2019
Is this for a paralegal job or for a VS/TC?

If this is for a VS or TC then I would say the proofreading will probably be about spelling, punctuation and grammar.

The drafting exercise will probably be about how you communicate information and possibly involve some commercial knowledge. For example, drafting an email. I would recommend looking at: https://www.thecorporatelawacademy....firm-case-studies-monday-article-series.3232/

When I have done assessments for VS/TC's there are always non-law students so specific legal knowledge isn't usually required.


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  • Jan 20, 2019
    So as the previous response has said proofreading will involve the usual spelling and grammar. The trickier parts are usually the factual inconsistencies (so let’s say the document says X in three months on the first page then later say X in six months) you have to spot. You’d also be expected to pick up issues with numbering. Proof reading exercises are difficult and if the document is long (more than 10 pages) I don’t think the firm expects you to finish the whole thing. I’d focus on being thorough with the pages you have time to read rather than trying to whiz through the whole thing.

    For the drafting exercise, I’d worry less about the format and more about the content. Most firms ask for a simple report or email, what’s really being tested is your analysis and commercial knowledge so really just focus on providing a good analysis of the issues and some solutions as well
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