Road to becoming a Corporate Lawyer.


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Nov 16, 2021
Hello generous people, lawyers and not.
I am studying Law LLB and I am 1st year.
I wish to pursue as a Corporate Lawyer, I have learned the key facts and areas of its interest etc merging and business's.

Currently everything is unclear for me,
How do I pursue to this career?
Apparently there is no PLC required anymore, or should I undergo it after my degree?
Also what is the best option after receiving a BA in Law? Should I do Masters or can I just go straight to the corporate path?
Also can I work straight away after leaving University?

I have many questions but these are the most important ones.



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Sep 27, 2020
1st year: Go to open days + build up your extra-curriculars
2nd year: apply for Vacation Schemes + build up your experience
3rd year: apply for Vacation Schemes (if you have not secured any in 2nd year) and apply for Training Contracts (if you have a competitive application)
Graduation: do the LPC (now SQE). Then start your TC.

Masters is not worth the time, effort, and money if you ONLY want to secure a TC. Only do a masters if you are actually interested in it. Do not think that it will make getting a TC substantially easier.


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Mar 25, 2022
In my first year, I would not have made plans for a further career in the field of a lawyer because you still don't know other areas where you might have liked it more. When I entered law college, it was only by the 3rd year that I realized that I wanted to be a car accident lawyer. After all, one day, a lecturer came to us who had been doing this for about 12 years, and I realized that this is who I want to become. Moreover, I found out that my uncle once worked in this company --, and helped many victims of road accidents. I hope I will succeed too, and I wish you good luck in your studying.
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