George Rowe

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Nov 15, 2018
Hi everyone!

I've been working as a paralegal at a US law firm for the past 2 years and I am thinking of doing the SQE1 exam in November 2021. At the moment, I can see two prep providers who are offering SQE1 exam prep starting this month - University of Law and Barbri. Is anyone else thinking of enrolling in either prep course?

I'm a law graduate and planning on taking the SQE1 prep and working at the same time - anyone in a similar situation?

@Jessica Booker - do you think MC/SC law firms will be open to taking on SQE qualified lawyers as NQs next year?

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TC fiend

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  • Apr 27, 2021
    I can't speak on either course prep provider but can speak to the working-while-studying dilemma. I'm a civil law LLB/UK LLM graduate who has been doing the GDL full time while working as a paralegal at a MC firm, and my partner is a 5 PQE foreign qualified lawyer who sat the QLTS this year. The bottom line for both of us is that, while we managed, we both severely underestimated how much work the prep would be. It is not fun. It is manageable, but having a law background does not guarantee success or an easy ride. You have to really be on top of your schedule from day 1 and be prepared to be permanently tired for months. Obviously it can be done, but I'd really make sure you take advantage of any leave / reduced hours.

    Emilia Hdsn.

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  • Aug 3, 2021
    I literally agree with what FS said. While i am thinking about doing the SQE later. I can talk to you about my experience juggling as a paralegal and LLM Student.

    I worked as a paralegal this year in Paris and studied for my UK LLM both full-time and at the same time. While i still achieved a distinction and this demonstrates that it is achievable, i ended up doing a huge burnout. For me, the advantage was the fact that the LLM was online, therefore i did not have to attend the class and watched the replay either during lunchtimes or when i got home. Juggling between both requires a lot of organisation and preparation (especially when you are working in a US firm). As a result, would advise you to talk about this with your employer and see if he will be happy to change your working times or be more flexible but also to try to make a timeline in order to see how you will be organised.
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