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    This thread will be used to announce updates to TCLA.

    Recent updates include:

    260+ Training Contract Interview Questions - Updated for 2019!

    We've updated our list of training contract interview questions! They now reflect recent interviews across over 25 law firms and include practice questions on Brexit, the US trade war with China, technology and AI, M&A and more!

    TCLA's new media page

    Check out our new Media page for updates to our podcast series and YouTube channel.

    Trainee Talk Episode 3: Lewis Malkin - Baker McKenzie

    In our latest podcast episode, we caught up with Lewis Malkin, now a third-seat-trainee at Baker McKenzie, to discuss how to make the most of your training contract. In this episode of Trainee Talk, Lewis discusses: - What makes vacation scheme candidates at his firm stand out - How to prepare for your training contract - How to make a good first impression with your team - How to manage your workload - The importance of being proactive on your training contract.

    Trainee Talk Episode 4: Nasteho Muse - Clyde & Co

    Our guest in this episode is Nasteho Muse. Nas is a paralegal at Liberty Specialty Markets and a future trainee solicitor at Clyde & Co. In this episode, Nas spoke with TCLA host Yee Rou Quah about the importance of developing a clear strategy when applying for training contracts, the application process for Clyde & Co, and how she used her experience as paralegal to demonstrate passion for Clyde's sector specialisms.

    TCLA's Commercial Awareness Series - Episode 1 and Episode 2!

    In this video series, we bring you highlights of the top business and legal news to help you prepare for interviews at commercial law firms. We also analyse how these stories directly and indirectly impact businesses and law firms.

    In our first episode, we cover: Lyft's Initial Public Offering (IPO), Apple's entrance into the streaming industry with Apple TV and Europe's new copyright directive

    In our second episode, the TCLA team break down the implications of the Mueller Report and the Apple-Qualcomm litigation settlement.

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