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    Our principles:

    We are a supportive community designed to educate ourselves and others: We expect our members to have different levels of knowledge on various subjects. Even the most knowledgeable person once asked basic questions, and someone told them the answers. If someone’s knowledge is less than yours, they are just at an earlier point of their learning journey, and one day they may teach you something useful. TCLA encourages its members to become part of the supportive environment where everyone learns.

    We value diverse opinions and experiences: Diverse opinions and experiences are known to make businesses more productive. TCLA expects our membership and forums to represent this diversity and benefit from it. People’s perceptions of the same matter often differ, whether it is a commercial story, a recruitment process, or an opinion of an employer. Expect our members to demonstrate this difference and think about the reasons why they may be different to your own when responding to them.

    We respect members’ own choices and decisions: Members are responsible for their content and communication on TCLA. Whether in forums or private messages, it is up to the individual to decide on the information they provide, where they post, as well as with whom and when they share it. They have the right to change their minds too. TCLA will not tolerate any harassment of members where they are unable to meet other members’ expectations, whether on TCLA or through social media platforms.

    We expect a balance between sharing information and maintaining integrity: We understand opinions on information sharing differ, particularly regarding recruitment processes. TCLA’s stance is that we want to share as much information as possible, so the whole community benefits and the profession becomes more accessible. However, we want to do this without undermining the integrity of firms’ recruitment processes.

    Our guidance to TCLA members is to focus on advice and guidance, as well as providing your opinions on recruitment assessments. Explaining competencies, themes or structures of any recruitment assessment is acceptable, particularly when advising on how to prepare. However, providing explicit word-for-word details of any assessment (excluding live interviews) that candidates would have to read or hear for themselves, and then respond to in an assessment are not. We exclude live interviews as typically these questions are not scripted, meaning questions between candidates are not likely to be identical, especially given the nature of follow-up questions posed to candidates that reflect on earlier answers.

    Anyone responding in private messages that goes beyond this guidance does so at their own risk. For posts in the public forums, the moderators may choose to edit or delete such content where appropriate.

    Forum and Private Message (PM) etiquette:
    • Use private messages when the subject matter is personal, where the content may help to identify individual members, or when an individual encourages you to contact them privately. We generally expect all other content to be posted in the forums, so the wider community can benefit from seeing it.
    • Try not to post the same question or content across multiple threads. Instead, you can include links or Bookmarks to other posts, which will redirect people to a thread with a consistent theme. In time, this makes the forums easier to navigate. Bookmark options are always found in the bottom of a post (creating a bookmark or linking to an existing one).
    • We recommend tagging people in posts if you think their input might be helpful to the discussion. You can do this by typing @ and then the individual’s screen name.
    • Some of our members choose not to be anonymous. Before adding anyone on other social media platforms, we encourage you to private message them and ask whether it is ok for you to add them.
    • For any questions you expect may have been asked before, try our A-Z directory as the first port of call (launching late September 2020).
    • If you see any content that you feel go against our community guidelines, please use the report function in the bottom left-hand corner of the post or private message.

    Our moderators may edit, delete, or move any posts/threads that are on the forums. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to:
    • Promoting products or services not relevant to corporate law
    • Promoting products or services outside of TCLA that you may financially benefit from
    • Promoting products or services that compete with TCLA's offering
    • Information about an employer’s assessment exercises that goes beyond our community guidelines
    • Anything illegal or explicit
    • Any discriminatory or offensive content
    • Spamming or bumping threads or posts unnecessarily
    Moderators may choose to warn or ban any members if they identify any behaviour that goes against our community guidelines.
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