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Hi Kablahc Any advice on how best to prepare for a Winckworth competency-based interview would be very much appreciated!
hey I'd be happy to answer this if you want to dm me :)
Hi there! I have an assessment centre for SM lined up next week. Are you able to provide me with more insight as to the case study and article? Thanks in advance!
Hi there!

Hope you don't mind me messaging. I saw you had an AC with Simmons & Simmons, congrats! Have you had yours yet? I've got mine next week - it's my first one so I'm in dire need of some tips and advice!

If you've had yours already, what can I expect? How do you think I could prepare?

Thank you so much for any help :)
Hi Jaysen,

I signed up to a gold membership yesterday but I don't think I've been given access to the Crash Course just yet. Was wondering if this is a glitch or a mistake on my part.

Thank you!

Kind regards,