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The Corporate Law Academy
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by Alina Kazmi on The Corporate Law Academy

Applying for training contracts can be quite daunting at first. I wanted to perfect my applications before submitting them. Initially, I got my applications reviewed by my family & friends, my university’s career services and my lecturers. However, the feedback I received was not even close to the standard of critical feedback I received from Jaysen. I thought my application was good until I received the feedback from Jaysen and realised there was still a lot of room for improvement. The feedback I received was incredibly useful that I decided to use that feedback and improve another set of applications to submit for a review. Jaysen’s feedback has not only helped strengthen my applications but has developed my writing skills for future applications. I would 100% recommend this service.

by Hajra Rehman on The Corporate Law Academy

Jaysen as extremely prompt in his help and was thorough in his analysis of my application. He provided feedback on various different aspects I.e use of language, grammar, how to showcase my skills and experience fully and relevancy to the question. He has an excellent eye for spotting the small details which will differentiate a mediocre application to an exemplary one.

by Raam on The Corporate Law Academy

This is service is incredible! Jaysen provides tailored advice, breaking down virtually every word, making sure I’ve answered the question and displaying my full potential as a candidate. The quality of my applications have jumped significantly. This service is an absolute must for anyone applying to training contracts.

by Ailish White on The Corporate Law Academy

I cannot recommend this service enough! Jaysen provides tailored advice and seriously improves the quality of your application. I liked how he asked questions about my answers which encouraged me to make them more specific. I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of my application since receiving Jaysen’s help. If you are looking to improve the quality of your applications this service is perfect for you!

by Syafiqkay92 on The Corporate Law Academy

I asked for Jaysen’s helped in reviewing my application and I learned a lot from it. He helped me identify where to focus my answer based on what I have already written. He also identified parts of the answer that doesn’t answer the question. Really useful. Would definitely be using his service a lot more.

by Noel Fernandes on The Corporate Law Academy

I have found Jaysen’s feedback very detailed and constructive, providing clear advice on how to make substantive improvements to the application. Further, Jaysen’s quick response time and willingness to answer follow-up questions really makes this service worthwhile and I would wholly recommend it to anybody new to applications or who has struggled with them.

by Anonymous on The Corporate Law Academy

I would like to thank Jaysen for the time and effort he devotes to the Corporate Law Academy. He is extremely helpful and precise and offers important constructive feedback on application forms. I would highly recommend enlisting Jaysen to assist with review of application forms. Keep up your fantastic work, Jaysen

by Harry on The Corporate Law Academy

I am very impressed with the service Jaysen provides. Detailed feedback and a quick response time. I wish I had discovered this sooner.

by Ami on The Corporate Law Academy

Being new to the application process I was struggling and slowly becoming discouraged. But this changed with Jaysen’s invaluable service. Jaysen’s reviews helped me greatly. Jaysen’s detailed comments and suggestions greatly improved both the quality of my applications and my confidence in writing them. I would recommend this service to anyone who is new to the process and anyone having difficulties with their applications!

by Mike on The Corporate Law Academy

Writing training contract and vacation scheme applications is a skill in its own right and comes with a very steep learning curve for those without prior experience. My University’s career service was of little help when I approached them and I was delighted to find that TCLA offers an application review service. I can only speak highly of Jaysen’s feedback which has always been tailored, insightful and timely for the 6 or so applications that I have submitted for review. I can definitely recommend this service for aspiring lawyers who have struggled to pass the initial application stage or want to improve their odds of securing an interview.

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