TCLA Accelerator Members

What is the TCLA Accelerator programme?

The aim of TCLA’s Accelerator is to identify the most exceptional websites, mentoring platforms and social media pages aimed at aspiring lawyers. Each participant receives access to a grant, guidance from TCLA and promotional assistance. Check out our first cohort below – we’d highly recommend them if you are looking for support in your training contract journey.

NVB Mentoring

A peer-led mentoring program provided as a weekly, 3 hour webinar. Neville Birdi mentors on crucial aspects of the international commercial solicitor journey.

Imposter in the City

Imposter in the City was created for those who feel overwhelmed by the overachievers that social media is flooded by these days.

Harry's Law Life

A personal law blog created by Harrision Wilde as a place to share experiences throughout the legal journey.

Lucy Does Law

Lucy Does Law is a legal community based on Lucy’s journey into the legal profession.

Lorraine Chimbga

Tips and advice on all things “Law, Productivity and Personal Development”.