Harry's Law Life

About me

My name is Harrison Wilde. I currently run three legal blog pages and have a website dedicated to law.

Harry’s Law Life

My personal law blog is called @harryslawlife and within this, I hope to share my experiences throughout my legal journey. I talk about hot topics including networking, applications and law firms, providing others with an insight of my personal journey along the way.

Harry’s Law

My second platform @harryslaw is designed to give aspiring lawyers and legal professionals a voice. I aim to share the stories of those within the legal community to ultimately help make a career in law more accessible to everyone, whilst connecting and inspiring like-minded individuals in the process.

Legally Supported

I launched my third platform called @legallysupported to offer one-to-one support to aspiring lawyers. To date, this has involved a series of interactive takeovers given by law students and future trainees, providing others with the chance to put forward their questions and understand more about what a career in law entails. I have recently put a small team together, consisting of individuals from each stage of the academic process – as well as a future trainee who will be sharing their journey through their training contract.