Imposter in the City

Imposter in the City was created for those who feel overwhelmed by the overachievers that social media is flooded by these days. When going through the process of applying for vacation schemes and training contracts, it is all too common to feel out of your depth, or as if you’re fighting a losing battle. Now a future trainee at a city firm, I want to share the message that just because it might feel impossible, it doesn’t mean it is.

This anonymously run page offers a raw and unfiltered view of the process of securing and completing a training contract. It offers back-to-basics advice for those who don’t know where to start (how do you research a firm? What even is networking and how do you do it?), while documenting my personal journey from being a confused undergraduate to a (still confused) trainee solicitor. If you’re looking for a reminder that none of us are as polished and perfect as social media tends to suggest we are – this is where to find it.