Lucy Does Law


Lucy Does Law is a legal community based on my journey into the legal profession. The platform was set up with a basis in making studying and entering the legal career more accessible, by showing the reality of what it actually entails for students, as well as sharing hints and tips on writing 1st class essays and securing Vacation Schemes at two Magic Circle law firms. I genuinely didn’t even know the LPC or that networking was a thing – so if one person can take something away from my account – I’m happy.

I am a current student (third year law) so am taking all the leaps into the legal profession with you.

Expect lots of chatty content, some harsh ‘burn out’ realities and lots of advice on navigating the law student life. My posts range from rambling IGTVs stressing out over Trusts coursework, step by step guides on how to pass the dreaded Watson Glaser, to walking you through my revision routine.

Unfiltered – we cover it all.