To name a few:

  • Advice from GR/partners on what they’re looking for in an application
  • Understand what the firm does/how it operates
  • Pick up the small things that trainees/associates/partners comment on: this really reveals a lot and you can often learn how they see their competitors or what firm culture is
  • To impress GR/partners with good questions and get noted
  • To immerse yourself in the world: you learn how to conduct yourself around partners, how to network and other soft skills
  • To feel less nervous when you go for interviews (because you’ve met them/been at the firm before)
  • To connect with a certain trainee/associate/partner and write that on the application form or tell them at interview to show your interest in the firm
  • Most of all – and this is often forgotten – work out whether corporate law is right for you and whether X firm is right for you. This is really important.


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