I can’t say I do, however I think that’s because it fits well with my personality and stage in life. I think if I had more responsibilities – a partner or family – my perspective would be very different.

I get a lot of pleasure from working hard if the work is interesting. And usually it is, or I get a scary amount of responsibility which keeps things interesting. There’s never any face time so I’m either very busy or I’m done for the day: that means I rarely clock-watch. I don’t think I’d be comfortable with a job where I was counting the hours down.

Speaking of more general differences: there’s some training but it’s very much you learn by doing. At the start that’s working out what to do first and getting it wrong, sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s because of a tiny mistake – the expectations are very high. After that, I won’t forget it and I’ll remember the steps I took to work out what to do. I love that style of learning, but it’s not for everyone.

Because there’s a small number of us, I’m usually dealing with a more senior lawyer on the other side. That was scary at first, but it meant learning quickly and adopting the right practices so as to not embarrass the firm. I also generally prefer working in a small team.

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