• Make sure you can answer “what’s private equity?”, it’s a huge revenue-driver at the firm and most departments will work for PE clients.
  • For this reason, you may want to consider how PE feeds into your answer of ‘Why Weil’ in some way.
  • Be prepared to go through some of the typical competencies/why law questions. But, generally, they’ll try to get to know you. Brush over your application form as they’ll use this as a basis.
  • Be prepared to discuss a current commercial awareness issue or a case study i.e. the PE acquisition of a company. This’ll typically be at the end of an interview and will form the basis of a question, with a few follow-ups.
  • The above may seem scary, but the Weil interview tends to be relaxed. It’ll typically be a partner and associate, and they’ll be trying to get to know you.
  • There’s usually a written exercise: you’ll have to read a couple of pages and write recommendations to a client/law firm based on the case study. The key is to think about structure, simplicity and relevancy. Make sure you address the exercise to the write person and use the write formality in your introduction/signature.

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