Yes – I did one of my schemes there.

My interview was very informal and one of my favourites (they gave me a response an hour after the interview was over). It was mostly about me, my reasons for law, some competencies and a commercial question. They generally bounced off what I said so it was more like a discussion/debate rather than a box-ticking exercise.

I’d suggest you try fit that style too, you don’t want to sound very scripted as you’ll quickly lose flow. My interviewers wanted to see personality: they even asked me if I’m the kind of guy that would be down to go for a drink after a long day!

Smile, be enthusiastic, pass the aeroplane test (if you guys were stuck on a delayed plane would they enjoy your company). Getting out of interview mode is tough I know so the more mock interviews you can do for this one the better.

Really know what Jones Day is about, it’s a firm that has a very strong personality – so show how enthusiastic you are about their non-rotational system, that you’re entrepreneurial (so would thrive), that you really value their ‘true partnership’ model – that’s something they really love to talk about.

So prepare (but don’t script) the below, but please note this isn’t prescriptive and it may not be indicative of actual interview questions – I just want to get you into the mindset of a good JD interviewee.

· Why law
· Why JD – if you’ve met anyone there, stress that, they get a sense for who’s a good fit so you’ve gotta convince them
· if I remember correctly there was a commercial question on the app form – know that well and also know Brexit well (if you want a mock interview drop me a PM and I can help prepare you)
· Go through your app form/work experience and any other schemes (they usually like it if you do, but show you’ve got a clear sense of the kind of firms you’re applying to)

  • What makes a good lawyer/skills
  • What you do to relax/on the weekends – the personality type questions.

[Note: the key to answering this is to be honest, IMHO they’d rather you said you watch Jeremy Kyle on a Saturday instead of reading the FT.]

  • Where you see yourself in the X years
  • Some competencies
  • Your strengths and weaknesses (either yours or what your friend would say)
  • Think about how they compare to competitors

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