• Clients: Kirkland has a strong sponsor-side practice, consider how many banks it represents and compare that to Weil.
  • Partnership: Look at what the press has to say, there’s a lot on this for Kirkland. Consider remuneration/bonus/competitiveness etc. Are people leaving?
  • Strategy: Compare the approaches both have taken to advance their London practice – Weil, for example, have historically focused on organic growth.
  • Practice areas: Both are good at PE, are there any other departments that Weil/Kirkland excel at? Consider this globally (hint – restructuring). Look at clients in other departments (hint – Lehman). How do they integrate their US offerings – think relationships and departments.
  • Culture: This ties in with partnership – see what you can find on the press. Do either emphasise a more cutthroat atmosphere? How about entrepreneurial? What are their intake sizes?
  • Geography: Easy one here, who is based where? Why?

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