20 April 2020 - 26 April 2020

23rd April 2020
Luck in Interviews

The Role of Luck In The Interview Process

Candidate 1 is extremely talented. She has worked as a paralegal at multiple top law firms. She is personable, hard-working and dedicated to a career in commercial law. And yet, for the past three years, she has failed to secure a training contract.⁣ ⁣ Candidate 2 is new to the process. He likes the idea of becoming a commercial lawyer, but he doesn’t really understand what they do. In his […]

24 February 2020 - 1 March 2020

29th February 2020

Words To Read Before Your Interview

You know your value. You know the kind of person you have the potential to be. You walk in with confidence. You look the interviewers in the eye. You sit up straight. You smile. You’ll be okay whatever happens. You do not NEED an offer to validate how good you are. You’re excited. This is a conversation, your chance to get to know a firm. Are they good enough for […]
29th February 2020

Application Writing

Imagine I’m a recruiter. Your application is a story. It’s your story; your one shot to convince me why I should pick you. Improve your writing and your story will be more interesting than 95% of candidates. Contrary to what you might think, application writing isn’t about your mastery of vocabulary. In fact, forget most of what you learned through writing at university. You don’t need big words or complex […]
29th February 2020
Best version

Being Exceptional

Throw yourself into the process. Show up to firm events and open days. Contact lawyers for coffee. Be the first to raise your hand and ask questions. Stop doing what everyone else does. Know your stuff. Like really know your stuff. Be able to confidently discuss M&A, debt, equity and the commercial news with ease. Understand what lawyers really do without all the buzzwords. Write exceptional applications, applications that are […]
29th February 2020


Confidence is a skill you can get better at over time. It comes from knowing your self worth, knowing that you’re smart and hard working, knowing that while you might not be the complete picture yet, what matters is that you have the drive and determination to get there. Confidence is what you need to show at interviews. It’s not arrogance, extroversion or how loudly you speak; it’s the way […]
29th February 2020
Proud of you

Sell Yourself: Because No-one Will Do It For You

It can feel uncomfortable ‘selling yourself’ in applications and interviews. It might not be something you’ve done before and you might fear it comes across as arrogant or over-the-top. The thing is: you have to do it and you have to get used to doing it. If you don’t tell a recruiter how impressive you are, no-one else will do it for you. And that means a recruiter will just […]
29th February 2020

Playing the Long Game

Reminder: Securing a training contract in your first go is a bit like getting rich quick. It rarely happens. If you secure a training contract, you’re going to be practising law for at least 2 years, probably a lot longer. Maybe even most of your life. That’s why it’s okay if you don’t secure a training contract in your first cycle, or your fifth. Our next podcast guest secured his […]
29th February 2020
Law firm application review

Application Tips

Having reviewed over 70 applications this week, here’s some quick thoughts on standing out: Cut out all generic phrases or sentences. Make sure every sentence is there for a reason. Show, rather than tell. For competency questions, focus on your specific actions and let recruiters infer what skills it shows (unless it’s really not obvious). Keep your language simple. Unnecessary jargon and complicated language only shows you can’t communicate your […]
29th February 2020

Your University

Are you at a disadvantage if you didn’t go to a top university? Sadly, yes. It’s not that recruiters will reject you for your university. But what you will have to battle through is limited access to resources, a different culture within your university, and fewer opportunities to become ‘polished’. Law firms won’t be coming to your university for frequent talks. You won’t be surrounded by hundreds of applicants on […]