9 September 2019 - 15 September 2019

11th September 2019
Facial Recognition

Two Decisions in Relation to GDPR and the Use of Facial Recognition Technology

On the one hand, Sweden’s Data Protection Authority has issued its first GDPR fine to a local high school, for the unlawful use of facial recognition technology to monitor student attendance. On the other hand, in Britain, the High Court dismissed a case brought by a Cardiff resident who said his rights were violated by the use of facial recognition, without his permission, by the South Wales Police. […]
11th September 2019
Google ads

Google’s Anti-Trust Investigation

On Monday, 50 attorneys general from US states and territories announced an investigation into Google’s “potential monopolistic behaviour”. The investigation led by Attorney General Ken Paxton from Texas, will initially assess whether Google’s control of the online advertising market has limited smaller businesses (i.e. competitors) and harming consumers as a result. The investigation has started off by Google being set a deadline of 30 days to respond to […]

2 September 2019 - 8 September 2019

4th September 2019
Collapse of high street

UK High Street Reform

Struggles of the high street has been on the news in the recent years as more and more people prefer online shopping, rents soar and minimum wages rise. One in 10 shops in UK town centres are vacant and many well-known retailers like Debenhams, Office and Boots have been carrying out restructurings. In order to re-energise the high street, the High Street Fund was created in December 2018. […]
4th September 2019
Boris Johnson

The Future of HS2 and Brexit Update

1. The Future of HS2 A review of HS2, the high-speed rail project, has been ordered and the project shall be given the go ahead to continue or it will be terminated by the end of this year. Boris Johnson wants to be sure that the benefits of the project will be worthwhile for the money the project is costing, which is set to far exceed the initial […]
4th September 2019
Argentina Debt Crisis

Argentine Debt Crisis

Last week, Argentina entered a “technical default” on about $101bn in outstanding debt, including IMF loans and global bonds. The government previously announced that it was seeking to postpone payments on its local bonds and IMF loans, while it worked to adjust the maturity profile on $50bn of foreign-owned debt. Economic uncertainty, since the President’s unexpected defeat in the primary elections, has made it difficult for the government […]
4th September 2019
John McDonnell

Labour’s Plans for Share Seizures

Analysis by Clifford Chance and the FT claims that a Labour government would confiscate roughly £300bn of shares in the 7,000 largest companies and transfer them to workers. The FT claims that this would be one of the biggest raids on the private sector to take place in a western democracy, representing a shift in power away from bosses to workers. Specifically, McDonnell’s plan is to gradually hand […]
4th September 2019
British Steel

Deal Agreed for British Steel Subsidiary TSP Projects

Last week, French engineering firm Systra agreed a rescue deal for TSP Projects, an infrastructure design consultancy owned by British Steel. Control of British Steel passed to the official receiver in May, as the high court ordered the company’s compulsory liquidation. Impact on Businesses and Law firms  The acquisition will make TSP a fully-owned subsidiary of Systra, which means Systra will now own 100% of TSP’s shares. The […]

26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019

28th August 2019
China US shaking hands trade war

What’s going on with the US-China trade war?

The long weekend was full of twists and turns. On Friday, China announced retaliatory tariffs on $75bn worth of US goods. Donald Trump fired back, raising tariffs on existing and planned Chinese imports. He also tweeted that he was ordering US companies to ‘immediately start looking for an alternative to China’. Stocks plummeted. However, by Monday, talks were back on track with Donald Trump predicting an upcoming trade […]
28th August 2019
Peppa Pig

US Toy Company Hasbro buys Entertainment One

Entertainment One is the latest UK-listed firm (although based in Canada) to be bought by a foreign investor. The US toy giant Hasbro purchased Entertainment One in a £3.3bn deal. Entertainment One owns some of the most popular children’s brands such as Peppa Pig and PJ Masks. Hasbro is hoping to use this acquisition to diversify to more entertainment and pre-school offerings, compared to current profit drivers like […]