26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019

28th August 2019

Denmark’s Jyske Bank Announces Negative Interest Rates

Last Tuesday, Jyske Bank, Denmark’s third-largest lender announced that it will start charging affluent customers for deposits instead of paying interest. This comes less than two weeks after launching the world’s first negative interest-rate mortgage, with the rate of 0.5%. According to the Financial Times, customers with deposits of more than 7.5 million Danish krone (£900,000) will receive a negative interest rate of 0.6% a year to store […]
28th August 2019
British Tech

Record Foreign Investment in British Tech Start-Ups

Recent research from the government’s Digital Economy Council indicates that UK tech companies have secured a record £5.5bn in foreign investment in the first seven months of this year, with US and Asian firms having invested the most. This is 50% more than in the same period last year. The figure comes while overall foreign investment in the UK has fallen since the Brexit referendum and hit a […]

19 August 2019 - 25 August 2019

21st August 2019
WeWork Up-C

IPOs: The Up-C Structure’s Growing Popularity

For its upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO), WeWork has turned to a corporate structure called an umbrella partnership corporation, commonly referred to as “Up-C”. This corporate structure was first used by Barnesandnoble.com in 1999 but didn’t used to be particularly popular. However, in The Financial Times, Eric Platt notes that it has been used increasingly in the past decade: 74 Up-Cs having gone public since 2010, including Shake […]
21st August 2019
Apple TV+

Streaming Battles: Apple TV+’s splurge

Apple has reportedly committed $6 billion towards developing original shows and films for its online streaming service, set to launch towards the end of this year. Apple had initially set a budget of $1 billion but it would seem that the growing competition within the streaming sector has led the tech giant to ramp up its efforts. One show in production is set to star A-list celebrities including […]
21st August 2019

Competition in the Media Industry

This Monday (19th Aug), Disney announced that it will begin its streaming television service called “Disney Plus” in November. It is seeking to rely less on cable channels and develop online streaming services which Netflix is currently dominating. As part of this plan, it acquired some of 21st Century Fox assets last March. AT&T, America’s biggest phone company, also has similar plans. It acquired WarnerMedia last year with […]
21st August 2019
Greene King

Hong Kong Billionaire Li Ka-Shing to Buy Greene King

Li Ka-Shing’s property investment firm, CK Asset Holdings Ltd., has agreed to buy the pub operator and brewer Greene King Plc for £4.6 billion. It is paying £2.7 billion for the company, while taking on its £1.9 billion worth of debt. This is following concerning performance over the last year for Greene King, with full-year pre-tax profit down 12.5%. CK’s strategy for Greene King is currently unclear, but […]

12 August 2019 - 18 August 2019

17th August 2019
China currency devaluation

China’s Currency Devaluation

China’s economy is currently battling an economic slowdown, political unrest in Hong Kong, and of course the effects of a trade war with the United States. In what many perceive as a response to US tariffs on Chinese goods, the People’s Bank of China allowed the Chinese Yuan to weakened past the critical level of 7 yuan to 1 US Dollar for the first time since the global […]
14th August 2019
Uber losses

Uber’s Shares Tumble

Last Thursday, Uber’s second-quarter earnings showed a loss of $5.24 billion in the last three months, following its initial public offering in May. Uber’s second-quarter numbers included a $3.9 billion charge of stock-based compensation related to its IPO, an action which has been reported to be the root cause of the latest quarterly loss. Although Uber’s revenues rose 14% to $3.17 billion in the second quarter, this was […]
14th August 2019
Investment bank

Investment Bank Job Cuts

Since the start of April, major investment banks such as HSBC, Barclays, Société Générale, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank have announced job cuts amounting to almost 30,000 in total for the sector, the majority of which have been made within Europe. There are several reasons attributed to the cuts which vary from bank to bank, but the major ones include: 1. The increasing pile of debt paying negative interest […]