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  • Great article, Ginny!

    I was wondering: would you advise reapplying to a firm you had previously been rejected from? Asking for a friend.

    Keep up the good work
    If I may add something quickly -

    Some firms have a policy not to re-interview applicants such as Jones Day and Linklaters.

    However, many other big firms such NRF are very open to applicants re-applying, and it is a big plus because you have already developed a nuanced view of that firm which is very specific so it helps a lot to re-apply.
    Ginevra Bizzarri
    Hi Alex, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed my article :)
    In terms of reapplying to firms you have already been rejected from I would say follow Sameer's advice.
    However I have advice in terms of quality/quantity of applications. Last cycle I think I applied to about 11 places. and looking back I realize that quality was lacking from some of them. So this year I am thinking of narrowing down the applications to 5/6.
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