1. lawstudent523

    SJT Pratice - Job test prep

    Hi there, Has anyone used Job Test Prep to prepare for Vac Scheme SJTs? My concern is that they are not law focused, so might not mirror a law SJT. Is this the case? On that note, are there any other resources to practice SJTs? Thank you!!
  2. baileyjozef

    Allen & Overy Winter Vac Scheme 2022

    Hey all was just wondering if anyone had a rough idea how long A&O generally take to get back to you following assessment days? Had mine last Wednesday (12th October) but can’t find any consensus as to when I should stop expecting a call and just assume the worst. Thanks!
  3. Armiie

    Everyone's saying it's over for me & I haven't even began my journey

    Hello, I hope this long post finds you well during such tough times. I'd truly appreciate any advice. I'm 19 and currently studying Computer Science at a non-RG University. My goal has always been to eventually go into law, but following some difficult times during & after my A levels, I...
  4. H

    Allen and Overy Interview

    Hi everyone, I have a vacation scheme interview with A&O and would be really grateful if anyone could share any experiences, tips or advice for this? In particular, I was wondering how to prep for the case study part of the interview? I’ve never done a case study interview before so don't...

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