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    Incoming Baker Mckenzie Vacation Scheme

    Hi - I have a vacation scheme with Baker Mckenzie coming up this Spring! I'm really excited to be able to have the chance to undertake the scheme at a world-class firm such as Bakers, and I've also heard historically there is a high conversion rate; however, I don't like to leave things up for...
  2. S

    Baker McKenzie AC 2021

    Hi all, just wanted to ask if anyone here’s done the Baker McKenzie assessment centre this year and if so what your experience of it was ie. what sort of issues/questions did you come across in your case study/competency interview, document checking exercise and group exercise? Any...
  3. C

    Baker McKenzie Video Interview

    Hi all, Been invited to the video interview stage at Bakers for a TC! :D I really struggled in applications for VS's this year so I want to do really well in this if possible. Has anyone got any tips specific to the Bakers VI? I've only ever done video interviews for vacation schemes before -...

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