Your Career at TCLA

The Corporate Law Academy or ‘TCLA’ is the largest forum in the legal profession.

The goal is simple: school and university teach you subject theory. The legal world requires a different set of skills, like clear writing and speaking, or an understanding of the financial world. We’re building Khan Academy for the working world to bridge the gap between the two.

Our forum is big. We get up to 1,800 posts a week between September and February, 50,000 monthly active users and a 9 minute engagement time. We care a lot about fostering a community, because the legal journey is tough, and it’s only made easier if you’re surrounded by people who lift each other up.

We’ve bootstrapped, but we’ve been profitable from our first year. We care about building a long-term, sustainable business with good fundamentals. This gives us the freedom to invest our money in ways we care about, like through our fully funded scholarships.

Why Join Us?

We work hard because we care about having a lasting impact. It’s fun to create something that never existed before – and you’ll be front and centre. You’ll be pushed outside your comfort zone, but for the right person, this is so worthwhile.

The more you want to get involved, the more opportunities there will be. We’re curious and constantly learning, and we’ll give you the tools to support your self improvement goals.

You’ll be in an environment where you’re appreciated and valued. Our most common feedback is the best part of working for TCLA is the team. We work hard, care about what we do and care about each other.

Finally, we pride ourselves on being kind and authentic. We’ll bend over backwards to make sure you are supported when you need to take time off.

Open Positions