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Written Exercise (Technical)

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Many assessment centres at the leading law firms involve a written exercise. You must write an email, a memo, or a letter to a client. You have a short time frame to analyse the issues and provide a clear, structured response.

But how do you structure the written exercise? Should you include headings? How do you know whether you are adding in enough detail, while presenting the information clearly?

The purpose of our law firm written exercise is exactly this. Based on real law firm written exercises, you will practise how to structure a written answer, analyse legal issues, and deliver advice under a strict time frame. You will receive actionable feedback on exactly what to work on, so you know how to excel in the real thing.

Technical Exercise

The technical exercise is perfect for those of you who would like to practise a contract-focussed case study. You will be given a factual scenario and a contract. It is your job to interpret the contractual provisions correctly and write a succinct response to a client.

You will also receive our Guide to Written Exercise, produced for 2024/25 to teach you how to write an outstanding written answer, approach different types of case studies, and common traps to avoid, together with our sample answer.

2 reviews for Written Exercise (Technical)

  1. SB

    I just wanted to thank you for the amazing feedback provided on my written exercise attempt. This really prepared me for my assessment centre, so much so that I was offered a TC! I could not have reached this point if it was not for your guidance. The feedback was essential in making me understand what exactly it was that law firms are looking for, thus allowing me to focus on these critical aspects throughout the very stressful assessment.

  2. Lily

    Thank you so much for your feedback on both the written exercises. I found the first one quite difficult but luckily this one went great! This is exactly the confidence boost I needed before my assessment day tomorrow. I only joined the corporate academy two weeks ago and it has genuinely made the biggest difference. Every single pitfall mentioned in the interview videos was one I would’ve dived straight into and now I feel prepared for almost any question! I’ve also learnt so much about private equity which has made me feel so confident. My only regret is that I didn’t know about these resources sooner!

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How do I book my Written Exercise?

Simply check out using the product above. In your order notes, please select your preferred time slot from the next 1 working day.

How soon can I book a Written Exercise?

The soonest you can book your written exercise is within 1 working day, to provide us with time to issue you the exercise. Beyond this time, you can select any date.

What kind of feedback will I receive?

You will receive detailed feedback on the elements that make for a successful written exercise. This includes the structure of your answer, the clarity of your writing, and your attention to detail.

When will I receive my feedback?

You will receive your feedback in 1 working day after completing your written exercise.

How do I receive the Guide to Written Exercises?

You will receive the guide alongside the feedback email in 1 working day.

Can I reschedule my timeslot?

If the written exercise has not yet been sent, you can reschedule your time slot by responding to your confirmation email after booking.

What is your refund policy?

You can request a refund if you have not yet been issued your written exercise. You cannot request a refund if the written exercise has already been issued.

How difficult will the Written Exercise be?

The written exercise will be challenging. This is because we design the written exercises based on real law firm written exercises. Our view is that we want to make the mock exercise challenging, so you can breeze through the real thing. Good luck!