TCLA’s 2021 Scholarship Programme

Applications for 2021 are now closed.

We don’t want your financial situation or your circumstances to be a barrier to accessing our resources.

That’s why most of our content is free, from the guides we produce, to the webinars we run, and the advice we provide in our forums.

TCLA Premium is what keeps us going as a business. It gives us the opportunity to hire the best people to deliver the best advice we can. It’s what’s getting us closer to our plans of becoming an online law school.

But we also know that not everyone can access TCLA Premium.

We thought deeply about how we could make our best resources more accessible to the people who need it the most. How could we revamp our scholarship programme? How could we run a programme that had a real impact?

With that in mind, we’re delighted to announce the TCLA 2021 Scholarship Programme, the biggest scholarship programme that we’ve ever run.

What's being offered?

TCLA’s 2021 Scholarship Programme includes:

  • 50 one-month Bronze subscriptions
  • 25 six-month Bronze subscriptions
  • 10 1-year Silver+ subscriptions

That’s 85 scholarships we are issuing this year and £9,000 in scholarships.

What will you receive?

Check out the full features of each Scholarship package

  • Scholarship Bronze

  • 1 month or 6 month subscriptions
  • x75 available
  • Bronze Scholarship Candidates receive access to:
  • TCLA’s private forum with exclusive discussion
  • 75+ successful past applications and cover letters
  • 30+ law firm profiles to teach you the USPs of law firms
  • Our main course bundle, with nine courses on everything from Mergers & Acquisitions and Mastering the City to Legal Technology
  • Seven webinars on topics including virtual interviews, writing stand-out applications, and overcoming rejection
  • And so much more!
  • Scholarship Silver

  • 1-year Silver+ subscription
  • x10 available
  • Silver Scholarship Candidates receive access to all of the content in bronze plus access to:
  • A one-hour mock interview (case study or competency) with the TCLA team
  • 12 standard application reviews (one every month)
  • TCLA’s Video Interview Simulator, designed to simulate a real video interview
  • A hard copy of TCLA's Commercial Booklet (40+ pages!)
  • A £100 grant to go towards your expenses, books, and anything else related to a career in commercial lawyer.

How do you apply?

Please fill out the form below detailing why you are applying for the TCLA Scholarship and how it would help you.

The information you provide will be kept 100% confidential. We expect to receive a very substantial number of applications, so we encourage you to go into as much detail as you are able to.

The deadline to apply is the 31 December 2020. Decisions will be made in the first two weeks of January 2021.

Kindly note that due to the volume of applications we receive, we will be unable to provide specific feedback for unsuccessful applicants.

How is the scholarship awarded?

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of any of the following factors:

  • Financial circumstances
  • Being from an underrepresented group
  • Where a scholarship will make a substantial impact to your application journey

Applications are now closed

We will announce the next round of applications in December 2021.

Please tell us more about yourself and why you are applying for the TCLA Scholarship. You may wish to include details about your background, the financial circumstances you face, and/or how a scholarship will make a substantial impact to your application journey. Due to the number of applications we expect to receive, we encourage you to go into as much detail as possible.
If appropriate, please upload any relevant supporting documents.

2020 Scholarship Testimonials

Hear from last year’s scholarship candidates, many of whom went on to secure vacation schemes and training contracts:

My name is Sharaf and I graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2019 with a 2.1 degree in Law. I am Syrian-born and came to this country as a refugee and have grown up in a single-parent household. Currently, I work for a legal software company where I provide support for a range of law firms using our services.

I found the TCLA scholarship through LinkedIn and decided to apply as I had plans to dedicate my spare time towards vacation scheme/training contract application. Immediately, I found my applications improved, especially with my first application resulting in a vacation scheme offer from a US firm! The resources available to me have helped me understand the ins and outs of what is required for a strong application. For example the past applications on the forums have offered me an insight into what graduate recruitment at firms are looking for specifically. Beyond this, I have received support for upcoming interviews directly from Jaysen which inevitably led to my early success.

The courses that are available with the TCLA scholarship have developed my understanding of the practicalities of different strands of commercial/corporate law. For example, I have only just started learning about private equity and what this entails. Having no faith in my knowledge of the world of finance, this has strengthened my confidence in more ways than one. I would urge anyone who is looking to gain the upper hand in applications to apply for the TCLA scholarship!

Sharaf SheikhClass of 2020, TCLA Scholarship

Honestly, the scholarship been such a massive help to me in making applications- I actually got two magic circle interview offers from the back of the help I received from the TCLA scholarship!

The TCLA 2019 scholarship programme was invaluable when it came to helping me apply for vacation schemes and training contracts. Through utilising the courses offered by the programme, such as the “Legal Technology Crash Course” and the “M&A Crash Course”, I now feel much more comfortable with legal topics I had previously been unsure about. TCLA’s law firm insights have helped me make tailored applications to firms, and have helped me increase the number of interviews I am being invited to. Their video interview simulator was also incredibly insightful. By using the simulator prior to an interview, I calmed my nerves down regarding the process while also receiving helpful feedback that helped me improve my video interviewing technique. Overall, the TCLA Scholarship has been a wonderful aid in helping me navigate the difficult process of applying for training contracts.

Syeda Rubab ZahraClass of 2020, TCLA Scholarship

Both my parents are refugees from Afghanistan who settled in North London, where I was born and raised. I’m a proud Londoner and Arsenal fan who studies LLB Law with Politics at the University of Essex.

Since being awarded the TCLA Scholarship I have found the team at TCLA to be incredibly supportive in terms of applications, advice but more importantly personal development. The resources offered on the programme have benefited me in so many ways. Having access to the commercial awareness courses, introduction to the city course and premium forum has really benefited me in terms of becoming a more well-rounded law student and future vac scheme applicant. The team’s review of my application also made it easier for me to understand my (many!) mistakes and offered advice that was both supportive and critical. I have to say that without the scholarship and having the assistance from TCLA I would not have progressed as much as I have in my development as an aspiring commercial solicitor. If you meet the criteria, I would highly encourage you to apply!

Yusuf PanahClass of 2020, TCLA Scholarship

The Corporate Law Academy Scholarship is a positive step towards diversifying and opening up the legal profession to those individuals who require additional support or assistance to begin their career in the competitive field of law. I was so excited and grateful to have been offered the TCLA scholarship in 2019 as it gave me the reassurance I needed to begin making training contract applications. The scholarship has been a great resource in helping me thoroughly research firms but also provides an excellent legal community atmosphere through the TCLA forum where any question, idea or worry can easily be answered! The additional application review option is another great highlight of TCLA and Jaysen and his team always strive to provide thorough and useful application insight and advice.

Laura KeaneClass of 2020, TCLA Scholarship

I first discovered TCLA when I was searching the internet for interview experiences and found this wonderful forum of people helping each other through the process of applications. Since then I have become more engrossed in the forum and all that TCLA has to offer.

The tools on TCLA are second to none. They have allowed me to understand not just what knowledge is required of me during this process but has also given me the information needed. Jaysen is dedicated to keeping the courses up to date with current topics and the video presentations have been a great help.

I also received the scholarship for the first TCLA event which was a day full of insights. It was a great starting point on topics such as LegalTech and commercial awareness. The event was also recorded and uploaded for those who attended, giving me the ability to revisit these presentations at a later date which is super useful.

All in all, TCLA has introduced me to a world I didn’t know existed. There is such great support available on the forum via people’s experiences and updates through the process which is held together by the foundation that Jaysen provides through the courses and application reviews.

Couldn’t recommend more!

Samar AlamClass of 2020, TCLA Scholarship

I highly recommend the TCLA platform. It is probably one of, if not the best platform that provides practical resources that will aid your journey and pursuits into a career in corporate law. The platform consists of detailed insights into law firms, practical advice and most importantly helpful individuals who are part of the wider team who willingly make themselves available within minutes to answer your questions and that is no exaggeration. The platform also provides several important information including videos and notes which deliver the breakdown of key commercial concepts and commercial awareness newsletters and many more. I am truly grateful to have received a scholarship for the TCLA and I highly recommend that all aspiring commercial lawyers do join as soon as they can.

Sarah BamideleClass of 2020, TCLA Scholarship

I have found the TCLA Premium Scholarship an invaluable resource throughout this application cycle and truly believe it helped me to secure my training contract.

The aspects of the scholarship that I used the most were the law firm insights and the courses. I used the insights to narrow down which firms to apply for, and revisited them when preparing for interview to help tackle questions about a firm’s competitors and how it distinguishes itself. The courses were an immense help when preparing and performing in case study interviews, I particularly enjoyed the Introduction to the City, Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity courses and felt that they gave me the knowledge and confidence to discuss commercial options and concepts at interview. The courses also helped me complete some of the tasks on my vacation scheme, again the M&A course in particular!

I’m really grateful to Jaysen and the TCLA team for the opportunity and I genuinely enjoyed making the most of my Scholarship!

Olivia SulemanClass of 2020, TCLA Scholarship