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Corporate Law Made Simple: Mergers & Acquisitions

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So I wrote a book.

It’s a little pocket guide to M&A, based on what you need to know for law firm interviews.

I just wanted to cover the things I think don’t get taught, like:

  • Why do companies pursue M&A?
  • What do M&A lawyers do across different practice areas?
  • What is the difference between an asset and share purchase?
  • What do you look out for in due diligence?
  • What are the key contractual terms you should know for your interviews

I really hope you find it useful.


About Corporate Law Made Simple Book Series

Apply to law firms and you’ll need this thing called ‘commercial awareness’. Students tell us it’s their biggest stumbling block to securing a job at the biggest commercial law firms. 

I think it’s pretty understandable. No-one teaches you about M&A, equity and debt, or warranties and indemnities at school or university. And yet, an interviewer will ask you questions like, ‘What is the difference between an asset purchase and share purchase?’ or ‘Why would a warranty be useful in this situation?’. 

But all is not lost, I promise. I was an applicant like you too. In my first interview with Herbert Smith Freehills, I stared blankly as he asked me the difference between an asset and a share purchase. The interview didn’t last long.

But I learnt it: the world of equity finance, debt finance, private equity and M&A. The role of lawyers. It’s all learnable. 

Most importantly, in my six years running TCLA, I have seen thousands of applicants transition from knowing nothing about the world of finance to confidently discussing financial terms. Many of them are now associates across the top law firms.

And no matter your background or circumstances, I know you can do it too. 



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