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We’re here to transform legal education. Discover our best training and resources to help you in your journey to becoming an exceptional commercial lawyer.

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Our flagship product is TCLA Premium. Our learning platform contains our best content, from partner-led online training to law firm webinars and mock case studies. Our mission is to provide you with the best legal training possible, all in one easily-accessible location.

The Mock Interview

Challenge yourself ahead of your law firm interviews

Our mock interviews are tough: we’ll pick up on the points you mention and any discrepancies in your application. We’ll press you on commercial issues and challenge you with case studies. But that’s the way it should be. We want you to learn how to answer challenging questions in our practice session, so you can excel in the real thing.


I found the private equity class very useful. Jaysen provided us with the basic knowledge of the area in a very exhaustive yet clear manner. We also practiced interview style questions on private equity to test our understanding of the class. As the class number is very small (just two people) we also had the chance to ask many questions, and it felt like the class was actually tailored to our needs and previous knowledge. Very satisfactory overall.

Camilla GionsoThird Year Student, University College London

For what it’s worth, the new premium content is brilliant. Arun-Sohan Pall’s discussion on substantive and procedural commercial awareness is the sort of insight you don’t see elsewhere. TCLA provide the best combination of tools and knowledge to equip the next generation of lawyers on the market, and I want to thank you for that.

Shawn CThird Year Student, University College London