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Vacation scheme and training contract application reviews

Law firms receive thousands of applications for vacation schemes and training contracts every year. To get invited to interview, you need to learn effective application technique. 

But application technique isn’t about applying a set of rigid rules to your applications. It’s about presenting who you are on paper. It’s about showcasing your motivations, experiences, and potential to a recruiter. It’s about knowing how to tailor your applications and stand out from the crowd.

We at The Corporate Law Academy know how competitive it is. We take your application reviews very seriously.

Candidates come back to us because they know we provide the gold standard of application reviews. We have a deep understanding of exceptional application writing and know how to bring out the best of candidates in an application.

Our thorough and personal application review service, offers you detailed, line-by-line comments on your vacation scheme or training contract application. These reviews are firm-specific and cover the following areas:

  • how well you answer the question[s] asked;
  • your use of language and your overall structure;
  • how well you’ve tailored your application to the specific firm; and
  • how well you’ve met a firm’s competencies.

Many of our students go on to secure training contracts at top commercial firms, including the magic circle and New York’s elite law firms.

So, how does the application review service work?

Our fast-track application review service will provide you with detailed line-by-line comments on your applications in one working day. You’ll then be able to edit your application based on our comments, improve its quality, and submit it with plenty of time to spare before your deadline! Gold members receive exclusive access to one free fast track review each month, as part of their premium subscription. If you’re not already a member, sign up here!

How do I start?

  • Submit your application below before 4pm.
  • Receive our confirmation email within the same day.
  • Receive our detailed review of your application the next day (anytime before midnight).

As a Gold member, you are also entitled to receive recurring discounts on any additional application reviews. Simply use the coupon “PREMIUMGOLD” for 25% off any of our application packages here.

    Frequently Asked Questions – please read 🙂

    1. We review applications until midnight. If you haven’t heard back from us during the day, please know we are still in the process of reviewing it and we will have it back to you by midnight.
    2. In our application reviews, we only review the application questions. If you would like your work experience or CV reviewed, we can certainly do this, but this will count as its own separate review.
    3. Please send over your application as a Word document with only the application questions and answers included. This ensures we are only processing the information necessary for the review of your application.
    4. Fast track reviews that are not redeemed within the month do not carry over into the next month. Applications submitted after 4pm will be returned the following day.
    5. If your answer to an application question is over 200 words above the word count, please cut down the word count before sending your application to us. We kindly make this request so we can provide you with a quality review. If you send us an application far above the word count, we will kindly ask you to re-send your application to us.
    6. Please only submit one version of an answer for each application question.
    7. If you have any issues submitting your application via the form, please email it directly to [email protected]
    8. We are happy to answer individual follow-up questions, but we cannot provide a further review of an application unless an additional review is purchased here.

    Why use our application review service?

    We’ve reviewed thousands of applications since 2017

    In the period between October 2020 and January 2021 alone, we reviewed over 1,100 open day, vacation scheme and training contract applications. Our experience has taught us what works and what doesn’t. We know how to sell your experiences, demonstrate your motivation and make an application stand out. We don’t just talk the talk either. We’ve been through the process ourselves: our reviewer secured 13 interviews with top commercial law firms.

    Comprehensive feedback

    Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are able to benchmark the strength of your application against other candidates applying to the same firm. In addition to our line by line comments, you’ll receive practical guidance on how to apply our feedback to future applications.

    High-level, specific, actionable advice

    There’s a reason we only review law firm applications. That’s our niche and we’re good at what we do. We’re not here to give you generic advice on your applications. Instead, we provide bespoke, actionable advice based on your existing application answers, your experiences and motivations, and the firm you’re applying to. We very rarely come across a firm we haven’t reviewed hundreds of applications for!

    Finally, note, the purpose of our reviews is to help you get your applications into the best shape you can. We’ll point out red flags and advise you on how to improve your answers, however, we cannot guarantee you will move onto the next stage.

    Confidentiality and Data Protection

    All applications submitted to TCLA for review are shared only with our application review team for the purposes of reviewing your application. We will not share your applications with anyone else. We store applications on our project management software for eight months so we can handle follow-up queries and cross-reference your future application reviews with any older submissions. Thereafter, they are deleted.

    Need help?

    Please drop us an email at [email protected]

    Looking for additional application reviews?

    Additional application reviews are available for purchase to all TCLA Premium members.

    If you’re a gold member, you are entitled to to 25% off application packs using the coupon ‘PREMIUMGOLD’.

    Standard Application Review (3 working days)

    (41 customer reviews)

    £47.99 inc. VAT

    Our thorough and personal application review service, offers you detailed, line-by-line comments on your vacation scheme or training contract application. This includes all application answers and cover letters. Kindly note, we do not review the work experience section or CVs.
    We’ll return your application or cover letter within three working days. 

    Need your application returned faster? You can check out our additional application packages below.



    Kindly note, application reviews are only available for premium members.

    Our thorough and personal application review service, offers you detailed, line-by-line comments on your vacation scheme or training contract application. These reviews are firm-specific and cover the following areas:

    • how well you answer the question[s] asked;
    • your use of language and your overall presentation;
    • how well you’ve tailored your application to the specific firm; and
    • how well you’ve met a firm’s competencies

    Note: Please scroll down at checkout and you will be able to attach your application to the order. Alternatively, if you have trouble doing this, feel free to email [email protected] with your application and order number.

    41 reviews for Standard Application Review (3 working days)

    1. AJ

      I had two applications reviewed by Jaysen for vacation schemes. Jaysen was thorough, quick and helpful in his feedback to me. It is a really useful service if you want a second pair of (really experienced) eyes looking over your work!

    2. Sebastian

      Jaysen reviewed an application for a vacation scheme for me. The service was faultless: valuable feedback, prompt turn-around, and helpful follow up. In the follow-up, Jaysen went above and beyond to provide me with resources that I could use to make practical and tangible improvements to my application. The benefits from this have not only spilt over becoming a better applicant, but also a stronger student.

      I would emphatically recommend Jaysen’s service to anyone who wants feedback either before or after submitting an application!

    3. SR

      Jaysen reviewed my application for a vacation scheme. His service was excellent: quick response and a detailed feedback.

    4. Ife

      I initially got one free application review and found it so helpful that I immediately signed up for 8 more. The reviews were detailed, timely and greatly improved the quality of my applications. Asides from having someone experienced looking over my application, I also began to develop my application writing skills through the feedback I received. I have already recommended the reviews to many of my friends because of how confident I am in the quality of the service.

    5. Will Floyd

      I have had two applications reviewed by Jaysen and was very satisfied – the comments were really useful and helped me to spot various ways to improve!

      I would recommend having your application reviewed just to give you that extra bit of confidence to hit that ‘submit’ button!

    6. Oliver Vercoe

      Having had extremely limited success getting anywhere with applications, I used the CLA to get some help with my next application – Jaysen returned my application extremely quickly, and his detailed comments and suggestions were invaluable in tightening up my application and making it explicitly relevant to the questions. Subsequently, I was invited to an assessment centre and was able to draw on tips from Jaysen and the wider CLA forum to successfully get a place on the firm’s vacation scheme. Big thank you.

    7. MC

      Great service! My application was carefully reviewed and all mistakes and weird formulations were spotted and questioned. I believe the standard of my applications has increased because of the feedback I received. I’ll definitely still use this service in future.

    8. Oliver Gilliland

      I would highly recommend this review service. Prior to having my applications reviewed I found I had fallen into the trap of writing applications in an overly descriptive style and would often try to overcomplicate things. After going through multiple applications reviews, I found my application writing standard improved dramatically as a result, and even assisted in landing me my first ever vacation scheme. Not only does Jaysen provided detailed feedback on writing style, wording and length, but also provides invaluable follow up. For instance, on many of my reviews he went above and beyond by looking at my improved application after I implemented his feedback.

    9. Victoria Gucciardi

      I’ve had Jaysen review four of my applications and he has provided great feedback. After having my applications reviewed by many people (friends in law, family and careers services at my university) I was discouraged that I was rejected by all of the firms I applied to. However, Jaysen has been able to point out weak areas of my applications and provide specific ways in which I can improve. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to secure a vacation scheme or training contract!

    10. Dipen

      I highly recommend Jaysen’s application review service. He provided detailed feedback which has been very useful in improving my application technique!

    11. SJamal

      I have had a number of reviews undertake. by Jaysen. He’s is very detailed in his approach and reviews each paragraph, line by line. This means that where there is unnessary waffle or a point does not add to the answer, he removed this making the application succinct, tailored and geared to the firm in question. I have found his reviews to be extremely successful, it’s also help me prepare better applications as he suggest what need to be worked on in the application with track changes. This as led to me secure an assessment centre at a leading international law firm, which only recruits in small numbers and thus the application stage was the hardest part. I would recommend this service to any aspiring lawyer. Thanks Jaysen, keep up the good work. Sajeed

    12. David

      Great application reviews by Jaysen. The feedback I received was comprehensive and really helped me improve quality of my applications. Would highly recommend!

    13. Lawgirlxo

      Jaysen reviewed one application for me. His feedback was super helpful and thorough – I was able to secure a vacation scheme with his help.

      Big thank you to you Jaysen!

    14. Shane OHanlon

      I cannot recommend Jaysen’s application review service enough. The outstanding quality and quick turn around makes this service a winning combination for anyone hoping to secure that elusive Training Contract or Vacation Scheme. Jaysen meticulously analyses each individual sentence ensuring that everything you write is purposeful and impacting. He also pushes you to provide a personal and informed answer to the firm-specific questions. What further impressed me was the commitment that Jaysen had to helping me craft the “perfect” application. After the initial review, Jaysen reviewed my subsequent drafts, ensuring that his feedback was well implemented. I was fortunate enough to obtain vacation scheme offers from a City and U.S firm, and I honestly believe that I would not have achieved this without Jaysen assisting me in developing my application technique and the wider support of TCLA.

    15. Vanessa Marshall

      Jaysen has provided me with very useful feedback and advice on my Graduate Open Day and VS applications to a firm. The advice was very tailored to the firm and helped me identify precisely the areas of improvement in my answers. I strongly believe this helped me secure a place at the firm’s Graduate Open Day. I am still waiting for my VS application results, however I feel that I had never received or read such specific and tailored advice before, as compared to the generic advice we can find everywhere on several student blogs and websites.

    16. Brandon Sirju

      This application review service has been very helpful for me in applying for vacation schemes this year. In my first cycle, I found it difficult to get past the initial application stage. However, with Jaysen’s application reviews, I was able to overcome this hurdle in my second cycle by, securing a couple of interviews. I found that in particular the reviews made my applications more concise and helped me cut out unnecessary information such as mentioning a random deal the firm is involved in. I cannot recommend this service enough as it is efficient, I have never received a late application review and Jaysen was even kind enough to follow up on his feeback through emails.

    17. Felicia

      The application service that TCLA provides, has been invaluable for me. I’ve found the comments to be constructive and detailed. This year, my application to firms have gone a lot further than previous years, and this is definitely due to TCLA and this service. I would recommend the service to anyone that has difficulties with their applications!!

    18. JC

      My application technique has improved significantly due to the application review service ran by Jaysen! He provides tailored advice for you to understand where you went wrong and what to further improve on in order to become a successful applicant.

    19. GD1995

      I would highly recommend TCLA’s application review service. I received my applications back within a few days with detailed line by line annotations. Jaysen ensured that every sentence added value to my application and helped me write more concisely. The quality of my applications improved greatly and helped me secure interviews.

    20. Hazal Kirci

      The reviews are brilliant for anyone whose seeking specialised feedback from someone with a solid legal background. Jaysen provides in-depth suggestions and pinpoints the exact things that might mean the difference between being chosen for an interview and not. While all reviewed applications aren’t necessarily successful (a bit naive to expect so), I think you’ll have a higher chance if you use the service.

    21. Abdulla

      I highly recommend this review service. Not only were Jaysen’s comments always detailed and constructive, but he also went above and beyond by providing great follow-up advice which helped me greatly improve my writing standard.

    22. DM

      The TCLA review service has really helped improve the quality of my applications. Recently, I re-read previous applications which I had written (and had thought they were good, ha!) prior to using this service and I could see a clear difference in the quality in the applications! This is a thorough service with quick turnaround – I’d highly recommend!

    23. JE

      I contacted Jaysen whilst applying for a training contract position at Orrick. Being used to the ‘standard’ application format, I was struggling to write my cover letter in an engaging and concise manner.

      Jaysen was able to point out instances where my choice of language could be improved. He also steered me away from making vague, general claims, challenging me to make specific, tailored points

      With his guidance, I was able to redraft my cover letter to a level that I was proud of.

      I was subsequently successful post-application and am looking forward to the final interview. Having fallen at the application-stage hurdle many times before, I’m grateful for the direction this service gave towards writing better applications!

    24. D

      It is amazing how far I have come from my first (unsurprisingly) unsuccessful application to where I am at today. This, I put quite simply down to Jaysen’s hard work. Jaysen will pour over your application with great detail, suggest amendments and also, explain why these amendments are necessary. As a result of his service, I have developed a greater understanding of what is required when completing these applications. The proof is in the pudding they say – I have just received my first offer for a scheme that was based solely upon my application!

    25. Dia

      I have no doubt that Jaysen’s comments and advice helped me secure an interview with a top American firm. He constructively pointed out specific areas for improvement and helped me tailor my application. Comparing my application before and after his feedback, I am confident that it was the extra polish and precision from his help that made all the difference to getting invited for an assessment centre.

    26. Marco Mendola

      Do you want to know my opinion about TCLA? I’ll be straight to the point: outstanding review service, punctual, professional, outstanding attention to detail and flexibility. I strongly recommend TCLA to get the essential support required for your training contract/vacation scheme applications. In addition, they can provide very useful resources from commercial awareness to previous interview experiences. Time and money well spent, you have my word. Marco

    27. Naomi

      I found it incredibly beneficial to have my applications reviewed by someone who had direct experience of the process. My writing improved and I was able to convey my points much more clearly. The service was timely and detailed, highly recommend.

    28. Zahid

      Having only recently signed up to TCLA as a premium member I has already obtained a fantastic insight into what I need to do to improve me applications.

      The group forums on the site have enabled me to understand how to answer each question and allowed me to learn from others that have been in my situation.

      In addition, the application review that TCLA offers is fantastic! The feedback Jaysen has provided me with has enabled me to acknowledge gaps in my application and form answers that are firm specific.

    29. ELA

      Everyone says the application process is a learning curve, and the possibility to have applications reviewed is incredibly helpful. Jaysen’s advice has helped me understand what makes a strong application and improve my writing style. Knowing it is possible to ask questions and get quick, honest and informed responses also really helps with confidence and motivation. Amazingly helpful! Thank you Jaysen 🙂

    30. Didi

      Jayden got back to me quickly and gave very clear advice. TCLA had thoroughly helped to improve my application writing. The team has found a way to provide 24 hr advice to aspiring solicitors. I recommend the review service to anyone still struggling to get past the written stage.

    31. Jennifer Lew

      My application feedback from Jaysen was very constructive. He pointed out where my answers was weak and how I can improve and tailor it more to the firm I am applying. He also explains why a certain sentence should or should not be in rather than just telling you to delete it, which is very helpful.

    32. Tom Lucas

      Having Jaysen review a few of my applications has helped to improve them immeasurably. His feedback helped to improve my writing style, the approach to each question and tips on avoiding jargon. Of the three applications that Jaysen helped to review, I was invited to asssessment centres with two of the firms!

    33. Mimi

      Jaysen’s review of several of my applications has helped me improve and gain the confidence in my applications. This has resulted in me gaining a vacation scheme. The attention taken to provide constructive feedback is unequalled with such a fast turnaround. I would recommend this service to anyone requiring direction and advice – thanks Jaysen!

    34. Priya

      Jaysen has reviewed a couple of my applications now. He never fails to impress me time and time again at his quick response time. He understands how important and urgent application reviews are and he puts genuine time and effort into reviewing them. He’s upfront about how at the end of the day the advice he gives is subjective, but on the whole I’ve found his advice so far to be pretty accurate. I will definitely be using Jaysen again for more reviews. He does what he’s supposed to from his end, the rest if up to you.

    35. Jaytee

      I was extremely impressed with the quick turnaround with this service. Jaysen was very prompt in his responses and detailed in his feedback. He clearly knows his stuff and is great at communicating what needs to be improved on.

    36. Anonymous

      Jaysen’s application reviews are always extremely helpful and prompt. In addition to providing actionable comments on particular applications, his feedback has enabled me to improve my application writing technique in general too.

    37. Charity Mafuba

      Having my application reviewed by Jaysen was insightful as it highlighted the weak sections of my application, enabling me to make the requisite changes. This review process has had the added effect of improving my application writing technique which is a massive boost to my confidence.
      The turn around is very quick and timely.
      Excellent service. Keep up the good work.

    38. Joe

      I have used this service over 10 times and it never did not significantly improve all my applications. One of the key benefits was flagging where I should use simpler concepts and words (appropriate to simpler situations and questions) and visa versa for difficult ones. Another was teaching my how to use my core strengths (e.g interest in legal tech) to address unpredictable and spontaneous application questions.

      Jaysen was always punctual with returning reviews.

      Keep up the hard work!

    39. wwood

      I wish I discovered this service sooner! By the time I discovered it, my penultimate year had already passed.

      Before discovering this forum and subscribing to this application review service, I sent like 20+ apps and was rejected by all the international firms.

      However, after joining this forum and having my apps reviewed (especially cover letters!), I’m glad to say that I scored two vac schemes (when I applied for less than 10 international firms).

      Thank you Jaysen! I fully recommend this app review service (as well as premium membership, it’s absolutely amazing)!

    40. William Lambarth

      Between Jaysen’s reviews of my applications and the content on TCLA Premium my applications have improved a hundred-fold. The application reviews are direct and detailed on a line by line basis. With law firms increasingly offering little feedback on applications this service is invaluable. I truly cannot praise Jaysen and TCLA as a whole enough.

    41. Sarah

      Jaysen has been very helpful with his review of my appliactions.

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