Fast-track Application Review (1 working day)

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Our thorough and personal application review service, offers you detailed, line-by-line comments on your vacation scheme or training contract application. Through our fast track application review service, your application will be returned within one working day. 



Our thorough and personal application review service, offers you detailed, line-by-line comments on your vacation scheme or training contract application. These reviews are firm-specific and cover the following areas:

  • how well you answer the question[s] asked;
  • your use of language and your overall presentation;
  • how well you’ve tailored your application to the specific firm; and
  • how well you’ve met a firm’s competencies

Your application will be returned within one working day. 


To learn more about how to submit your application, the word count requirements and when to expect its return, please read the terms here.

28 reviews for Fast-track Application Review (1 working day)

  1. AD

    Gus’ comments were really clear and helpful – what I appreciated most was that he didn’t just make changes to my draft, but he actively explained what I would need to do to improve. I was grateful to have his feedback; Gus was thorough, precise and also supportive. I can’t thank him enough.

  2. Anonymous

    I thought the quality of service was excellent, and the advice given really helped me to focus in on why I’m interested in working at the firm, and what specifically I gained out of my interactions with the firm.

  3. Anonymous

    Great and professional application reviews.

  4. Anonymous

    Natasha and Jaysen were brilliant and super helpful. They both made sure I received my application as there were some technical issues and both followed up and showed a lot of care. Natasha, thank you so much for your comments and for your help!

  5. Anonymous

    Because my application review was really helpful and insightful. It really encouraged me to not give up.

  6. Anonymous

    Natasha made great changes to my application which helped with my structure and get my points across.

  7. Anonymous

    Maria clearly highlighted how I could improve my application.

  8. Anonymous

    Maria has reviewed my applications on multiple occasions and always gives thorough and detailed feedback. I would highly recommend her services.

  9. Anonymous

    Can definitely see from the feedback that Natasha really wanted to support me in producing a great application!

  10. Anonymous

    Feedback was detailed, well-observed and encouraging

  11. Anonymous

    Was incredibly satisfied and impressed by the application review, Maria did a terrific job!

  12. Anonymous

    Feedback has always been very well thought out. All critiques backed up with actionable feedback.

  13. Anonymous

    Maria’s suggestion to consider using a different experience to answer a question really improved my application.

  14. Anonymous

    The review picked up on many little things that I was missing in my previous applications. These suggestions should help me in the future with other applications.

  15. Anonymous

    Gus’s feedback is incredibly helpful. Not only did he let me know what I had done right, he gave me clear actionable things to do to improve. These are things I would have never considered myself and I know I can do in future applications. I am grateful for his help and would definitely be using this service again next month.

  16. Anonymous

    Maria offered really useful advice on how to improve the structure of my answer.

  17. Anonymous

    I found the feedback really helpful, made me realize that sometime it is better provide less insights into the firm but develop the arguments much better and tie it to yourself.

  18. Anonymous

    Maria clearly highlighted which points would be valuable additions to my application.

  19. Anonymous

    Maria’s feedback was very clear and helpful.

  20. Anonymous

    I was impressed with the speed and the quality of the review, and how there were a lot of actionable suggestions for me to go away and implement.

  21. Anonymous

    Gus clearly highlighted which areas of my work experience could be improved in his feedback.

  22. Anonymous

    The review of my cover letter was comprehensive coupled with the supporting email full of helpful guidance. Good balance between being encouraging and making me aware of what needed to be done to elevate my work

  23. Anonymous

    Overall, useful service. Gus was able to provide suggestions that would take my application to the next level

  24. Anonymous

    I loved my review, and I was exposed to areas where I could improve.

  25. Anonymous

    Great output – Constructive and Meaningful Feedback – Delivered very timely. I really liked how the feedback was set out in the body of the email as well as in the documents track changes.

  26. Anonymous

    Helpful, detailed and encouraging feedback. Literally ‘constructive criticism’!

  27. Anonymous

    The review on my application was absolutely outstanding, it provided feedback to every section of the application with examples on how to improve! Really pleased with the feedback!

  28. Anonymous

    Gus’ feedback was excellent. I was directly able to apply his feedback to my subsequent applications and managed to see such improvement I was even surprised with myself.

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